Autumn Chalkboard Printable

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The creative process is truly meditative when you think about it, I really enjoyed creating this autumn chalkboard printable. I realize that quotes can be so cliche, but I’m so hooked on making them, so I hope you enjoy. I love including them in my Instagram feed too. I know they’re a little corny, but oh, so fun!

Autumn Chalkboard Printable


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  1. o, bless you, jeanette. i have times i feel estranged from my family. there are times when i think i would be more emotionally healthy if i was…sigh. but we all just keep on pretending. which is so difficult for me. it helps that i do have my wonderful husband and children and grandchildren. it is so difficult to understand why this has to be. it seems this issue is usually due to jealously or the need to be “right” about everything.

  2. Thank you that’s marvellous!!!