Boxwoods & Grapevine Garlands

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I love using natural elements around my house. This year I’m replacing stereotypical holiday decor (like colored leaves for fall, pine for winter), with boxwood and grapevine garlands. Not only will these elements look amazing, but they are a one time purchase that will sustain me throughout all four seasons.

In fact, the monolithic pile of my older holiday decor might be on it’s way to Goodwill very soon. It always feels good to downsize.

Decorative Touches Using Boxwood

West Elm door wreath

Pottery Barn artificial foliage

Mills Floral Company evergreen plant

19″ Boxwood in Pot, White

10″ Boxwood Ball in Pot w/ Bow



This will be much easier on my budget also. A simple, modification to a grapevine garland can extend well beyond the holiday that it is intended for.  I just purchased a grapevine garland for $16.99 for over 20′ of garland.  Sweet.

Grapevine garland in the Fall:

 garland fall

Courtesy Restoration Place

Used during the winter and holidays:


Very pretty grapevine garland on a Christmas tree. Courtesy of Just a Girl Blog

Grapevine Garland in the Spring:

make a nest using grapevine

Courtesy Blue Roof Cabin

Here is my own summertime wreath using a boxwood wreath, with the full blog post here:


And in the summer…an amazing grapevine arbor at the DIY Showoff, one of my favorite bloggers.


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