3 Ways to Make Your Child’s Bedroom Makeover Really Shine


Now that your kids are back in school, you’re probably all too aware of how much they’ve changed in such a short time. Many parents find that it can be a challenge just to keep up. While a baby’s brain more than doubles in size during their first year of life, there will no doubt be many growing pains to contend with from infancy through high school. And as your child continues to grow, they’ll need their own private space that can grow right along with them.

Although your initial childhood bedroom design might be sweet and charming, it may not reflect your child’s preferences and passions as they age. If your kiddo has expressed that they’d like a bedroom makeover or that they no longer enjoy the current color scheme of their space, it might be time to break out the toolbox and get to work. In fact, this can be a great family project (unless you’re dealing with a teenager, who may prefer to tackle this bedroom makeover solo).

Here are three ways to make that bedroom makeover really stand out and ensure your child will love their bedroom for many years to come.

Make a Statement (Wall)

Your son or daughter’s bedroom needs to be functional, with comfortable places to sleep and study. But there’s no “functional” without “F-U-N,” so you’ll want your design to include some entertaining elements. You can make this space more visually appealing (and totally Instagrammable) by incorporating a statement wall into the mix. Install a world map behind their headboard, create a dress-up play area complete with paint or decal stage curtains, or even go so far as to make a climbing wall using screws (the concept of which date back to 200 B.C.), bolts, nuts, wood, and climbing rock hand-holds. Whether you opt for a simple gallery wall or use chalkboard paint to make the space more interactive, take this opportunity to make a statement that your kid will adore.

Amp Up the Storage

When we buy just about anything, we want to know it’ll stand the test of time. When homeowners purchase a new roof, for example, 88% say durability is the number one criterion in making their final choice, with 83% saying that longevity is the most important factor. Both of these considerations are key when purchasing furniture, toys, technology, and really any items that fill your home. But with so many products to fit in one place, you’ll also need enough storage for them. More often than not, kids are in desperate need of proper storage in their rooms. When you take on a bedroom makeover, you’ll want to include the addition of more storage in the design. Open shelving, bins, baskets, under-bed storage, multi-functional furniture, and closet organizers can all ensure that your child has the room they need as their taste in toys and clothes evolve.

Make It Collaborative

Interior designers recommend updating a room’s decor every five to 10 years, so it makes sense that your child or teenager is due for a makeover. But in order for this space to truly feel like theirs, they should have a say in at least some elements of the design. You may not be able to make every wish come true, but it’s important to acknowledge their biggest priorities and ensure they feel their voice is heard. You may not want to have every piece in the room be part of a trendy theme, as your child’s obsession with superheroes or unicorns might very well fade away in a year or two.

Instead, try to stick with a general color scheme your child likes and choose furniture and larger pieces that will grow with your child. Then, have your kid help you pick out some smaller items like lamps, pillows, wall art, and other touches. These can be replaced every few years as needed, but the core elements of the room will stay as-is. This can allow you to refresh the room when necessary without doing another full makeover in a few years’ time. Best of all, this will help your child feel at home in their space and feel a sense of pride and ownership over maintaining the integrity of these items.

Since the school year is off to a fresh start, you might consider creating a new bedroom space for your student, too. With these tips in mind, their bedroom will be a place they want to spend time in.

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