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As I make some final design decisions on how to organize our extremely tiny master closet, I’m sitting among what I (once) considered a moderately large pile of clothes.  Of all the the space in this house, I was completely jipped when it comes to closet space, and I adjusted my clothing habit accordingly over the years. It seems that the designers of this house, in their excitement of creating an impressively open and spacious floorplan, must have forgotten that people have to actually live here.  The problem with open space?  That vast empty space of “nothing” steals space from other potentially useful parts of the house. There certainly is a “wow” factor to open design, and believe me, I was wowed.  But lo and behold, families like us actually have to hang our clothes on occasion.  And lately…our clothes have not been able to even fit in our closets.

Thanks to this design dilemma, we are now blessed with one of the smallest master closets I’ve ever seen. Oh, and NO linen closet in the master bedroom. How did I miss these things way back when? Must have had a major case of beer goggles and was excited to leave my 900 square feet I was confined to.

A lot of ideas are spinning around in my head. In between trips to the fridge to refill my wine glass and show you some of the closet makeovers that are inspiring me today. I do this while I watch Mr. Snazzy work his magic and I lament that I am not a Real Housewife.

First up…a beautiful closet transformation from Love of Family & Home of a closet that looks MUCH like mine does currently. Complete with fresh flowers, stenciled walls, a beautiful dresser vignette, and cute messages throughout. This was the inspiration behind my wanting to add a pretty light fixture (much to Mr. Snazzy’s dismay, this means he has to install an outlet…not his favorite thing to do).


If EVER there was a closet where I would just hang out…lock the door and hide, THIS is the place for me. This was all created by hand by Sandra, aka, The Sawdust Girl. This most definitely inspires me, yet I know I would have to make a choice between sleeping in my daughter’s room vs. owning this closet.

 A quick glimpse of the “before” picture:

As I prepare for the much needed makeover, I’m finding cool online space planning tools to make the best use of my space. This design knocks it out of the park and was found on Apartment Therapy.  Funny, we have this same quirky door arrangement for my daughter’s closet, (2 doors to a full open closet on the same wall…why?)….I love the farmhouse style doors, thus creating a “Super Closet” and creative use of space.

A quick glimpse of the above close, before:

Next…an under-the-stairs closet gets an incredible once-over, and turned into a useful office space. Courtesy of KarriAnn of Thistlewood Farms, and Apartment Therapy:

Can you believe the before picture?

So with this, I’m in the process of planning out our space….buying some nice storage boxes, and choosing a wall color. We definitely are leaning toward light colors since there are no windows in our space. While specialty paint projects are in my wheelhouse…I’m very excited to see what we can produce with a fully functioning workshop available to us. We are both excited to combine our efforts (beyond just paint) to see what we can come up with.

Drumroll…here is our extremely stripped down closet, before (as of tonight):


{Sigh}  We have some work to do.  Picking out my paint and stencils now.   In the meantime, I’m using this post to bribe Mr. Snazzy into adding an outlet and a pretty lamp in our closet.  Maybe even fresh flowers ;)

Stay tuned…and thanks for your cheers of encouragement along the way.

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