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Today I’ll share how I pulled off my Halloween decorating in just a few hours simply by keeping a small “stash” of decor on hand every year. Most of this can be reused for upcoming holidays as well. I really get into Halloween and all holiday for my kids’ sake, I love making memories for them.

The Front Porch:

halloween table 2014

Front porch trick-or-treat vignette.

Tip #1:  Use Free Printables

I love visiting Karen at The Graphics Fairy. She offers a variety of  royalty-free Halloween printables to choose from. The skull picture can be found here and here you can download the bat chandelier. So fun!

Other ideas for a quick, ghoulish display:

  • Replace Family Photos: Use frames with existing pictures and temporarily replace family photos
  • Mason jars always make a good photo display – just drop in a printable for some added Halloween flair
  • Spanish Moss:  I find this is a good decorating “staple” to keep year-round. But it is very effective at Halloween, too
  • Dead Flowers:   You can never go wrong with a dead or dying bouquet of flowers. I just happened to have my roses from Sweetest Day, it worked out perfectly.  
  • Tea Lights:  Pictured above – these can be found in the wedding section at your local craft store, but having them on-hand for the rest of the holiday season is always a treat

Need some free silhouettes? I’ve got you covered…just become a subscriber for instant access to my free downloads.

Make Your House Haunted (see below)
Make Your House Haunted 

Tip #2:  Keep a Decor Stash 

Such as:

Faux Spider Webs — these are only a couple bucks. I keep several bags (pick them up after Halloween)

Green, Purple or Orange Tissue Paper (to line windows, making a “haunted house”)

Green, Purple or Orange Light Bulbs – replacing the interior lights 

Black Construction Paper – silhouettes can be freehanded easily or downloaded if you need a ghoulish figure standing in the corner.

Chalkboard signs (to make a ghoulish greeting) — this is great for year-round use

Glow sticks — use for trick or treat — or even as a stir stick for a fun holiday party

Ropes / nets — (also great for beachy vignettes in the summertime)

Glitter Spray Paints – in case something needs a new look or touch up


I don’t let my perfectionist tendencies take over. I let the kids have fun with this “holiday” and decorate until their hearts are content. They were so proud of themselves with their spider web creations:


Tip #3: Keep a costume stash

I’ve attended numerous school costume parades for my kids, which caused me to start keeping items that I thought we could re-use as a family. My stash has saved me many last minute trips to the store.

  • Wigs:  Brushed out and put away in their original packaging
  • Masks: Especially the high-quality ones. I clean them out with a Clorox wipe before putting them away.
  • Props: Even when your kids are toddlers, save their props. Think tiaras & crowns, nightsticks, police badges, magic wands, glasses & goggles. These can become reusable items as they get older, and sometimes undersized is even funnier.
  • Distinguishable Clothing Items: Think Capes & White Lab Jackets
  • Makeup:  Red lipstick / black eyeliner / white eyeliner. 
  • Stuffed Animals: You never know when you’ll need a pet as a sidekick to complement your outfit.
  • Clearance items from the previous season. I simply buy and store them until next year.

Thanks to my stash, we pulled off some great costumes this year, mostly out-of-the-box:

black and white moviestars

We were a black & white silent film couple. Our previous Halloween craziness using our “stash”.

Halloween Collage

Hope you enjoy Halloween as much as we do!


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