holiday gift guide for the woodworker collage

Holiday Gift Guide for the Woodworker

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Holiday Gift Guide for the Woodworker

Keep reading. I’ve assembled over 30 gift guides for every member of your family, including the vintage lover, the photographer, the mancave and more!


We do a lot of woodworking in our house. We’ve glued two huge slabs of Ikea butcher block together to form one, large island.  We’ve built furniture. We’ve sanded old finishes, we installed our own crown molding, chair rails and wainscoting. So here are a few of our favorite tools that we highly recommend for anyone wanting to accomplish some simple woodworking DIY’s in your own home.


Dremel – A DIY Bloggers’ Favorite

Used for creating a distressed look on wood, or for carving, sanding, and much more! I use this when I want to create distressed and chipped edges on new wood to make it look old and weathered. You can even carve straight grooves into smooth wood to create a planked look. 


Ryobi Brad Nailer (or Nail Gun)

Used on my chair upholstery project, to secure our wainscoting, and this was used to build my glamorous white dresser (from scratch) which now resides in my dressing room. This saves a LOT of time and is a favorite of ours! 

nail gun pneumatic

RockWell BladeRunner

Use as a mini bandsaw used for any variety of complicated cuts. Think intricate, curvy lines.  


Ryobi Corner Sander

Since I am a furniture DIYer, I love using smaller, corner sanders to get into those 90 degree angles. This is one tool where we have a “HIS” and a “HERS”. You can see a picture of me using it on my Goodwill table makeover, but it’s been used on almost every DIY project in the house.


Bench Dogs

Mine are covered with paint, but these are excellent for elevating your work just a bit. 


TiteBond III

This is what we used on our Ikea butcher block island (and we clamped two large Ikea butcher blocks together).  It’s held up now for 2 years! 


Quick Grip Clams

An extra set of hands always help.  Another essential tool that was part of our butcher block project.

Irwin Wood Clamps

Crown Molding Tools:

Crown45 – used with a hand or mitre saw.


Kreg Crown Molding Template Finder

kreg tool crown molding angle finder

Need some more ideas? Here are a few additional links to some of our favorite tools.

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  1. These are great Jeanette, I want all of them. LOL, I do love bench dog tools. Awesome