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  1. This island is beautiful I love the way it looks not so traditional and a little bit zany!! Keep up the great work!

  2. Your island looks fabulous. I’m also considering building one out of Ikea Numera Oak tops. Just wanna ask how did you splice two tops together and bevel the edging?

    1. Hi Kay! Thanks for your comments! I am behind on my posts, and need to create an updated tutorial on how this was done. It involved table saws, trips to a local lumber cutter, biscuit cutters, and routers. My fiancee had a good handle on that process so I will get his input and document it in more detail. I loved the oak finish in the end.

      I may be ablle to post something in the next day or so to give you a better idea on how this was done.

  3. I have the same home, built in 2003. We would like to start upgrading and love what you have done. I want to start with the kitchen island. I would like to see the pictures of how you lowered the counter to one legal.

    1. Thanks William. I think we just went crazy with the demo, and didn’t get pictures of the actual process of the demolition. We deactivated the electrical and re-routed the electrical to the sides of the island, hidden behind “faux” drawers. Believe it or not, we waited (until now) to finish the island because we weren’t exactly sure on how we wanted to finish the front facing. An update on this project is coming soon, and I will go back into the archives and capture some old images in a new post.