Vacuuming Laminate Floors without scratching

The Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors

Vacuuming Laminate Floors without scratching

Thanks for all of the kind emails about the flooring project. We are so happy with the results and our color choice. Buddy appears to be puzzled by his life changes and is clinging to the last remaining fuzzy carpet in the house–hopefully, he proves to be a reformed man and his “bad dog” behaviors disappear.

Yes, I’m talking about you.

Many of you have emailed asking how I plan to keep our new laminate floors clean. I’m happy to report that the laminate finish seems to hide smudges, footprints and Buddy-nose prints (from his habitual crumb sniffing habit).  So I don’t think I’ll have to wet mop as often as my previous floor.

However, I am seeing a lot of daily dust and Buddy-hair. It’s pretty enlightening to actually see how much dirt a house accumulates each day. I no longer have the luxury to ignore it for a few days like I did before with carpet (I’d only vacuum every 2-3 days). But now I’m compelled to sweep constantly. In addition to Buddy’s constant molting, our garage is now completely saturated with a fine, beige powder — representing the bodily remains of our Pergo project.


So with a dark floor peppered in beige Pergo-dust + Buddy-tufts thrown in….I have been researching the best way to vacuum laminate floors — the right way.

Daily Cleaning Made Easy

This is my solution: the BLACK+DECKER 2-in-1 stick vacuum, and I just LOVE it. And I’m sweeping daily…and it’s sort of…fun?? Even my husband said so! 

Our laminate manufacturer calls for no rotating brush. While laminate IS durable, it’s not indestructible. I get frustrated if a vacuum is heavy or is laden with too many “parts”. My internet research looked something like this:  vacuum, upright, cordless, lightweight, optional rotating brush. 

Is it me? I feel like there are a lot of overpriced “gimmicks” on the market for vacuums these days, don’t you? I just want a simple, easy to use and quickly accessible vacuum. I am already picky about vacuums, but now I’m even more so with our new flooring.

Evidently…I picked the right one because it even matched my shoes. ;-)


This vacuum gave me all the features I wanted and then some! The BLACK+DECKER 2-in-1 also offers the following:

  • A long lasting battery with more power than I ever expected!
  • Swivel head to get under and around corners easily
  • Discreet storage. It stands upright and I can charge it in a corner of a room and it’s easy to access.
  • 2 speeds with optional rotating brush for carpet
  • Removable head for easy cleaning (especially important for long haired pets)
  • Wheels – it glides across the surface on small rubber wheels (versus dragging like my old vacuum)
  • No canister to drag around
  • I actually like vacuuming now!

In this video, my house is filthy. But I have a handle on it now…here it is, live and in action with me using it for the first time.

I have a thing about clean floors. Once I see a crumb on the floor, I can’t unsee it. With this setup, I no longer put off what has become my least favorite task. I also don’t have to plug-in, unplug and re-plugin my old canister vacuum which could never reach all corners of the house. Now I can cover the whole first floor in one fell swoop. It’s so easy.

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  1. This vacuum would be perfect for me! I’m getting ready to install laminate flooring throughout my house, and I have 3 very large, very furry dogs! A light, always ready to go vacuum is just what I need!

    1. I have been researching new vacuums also, as ours recently broke. this one looks great…I have all tile floors and wanted a vacuum that would be good for floors . as well as having attachments…would love to win one

    2. How exciting, you will LOVE the changes, it’s amazing how much a new floor changes a space…the attachments have been a life saver, and it’s easy to get the kids to help now :) Good luck!

    3. This vacuum sounds perfect! We have 2 dogs and laminate flooring in rooms filled with sunshine. I’m constantly sweeping the dog hair and dust. Would love to have a vacuum that actually picks up…especially during the busy holiday season!!

  2. I have 3 dogs! Need I say more?! I have hardwood floors throughout the 1st floor and up the front steps and in the hallway on the 2nd floor. It would be heaven not to drag a canister vacuum cleaner with a short cord up and down the steps and throughout the house. Love your floors, by the way! Laminate is the way I want to go in my next house.

    1. Say no more…3 dogs (with Buddy’s temperament) would be so hard for me to keep up with! I’m thinking a cat. :) And thank you!

  3. I have a main floor of all hardwoods, 4 kids, a hubby and shedding husky mix dog…All I basically DO, is vacuum! :) I would love to not have to lug out the big ole vacuum (who am I kidding…it sits in the hallway most of the time because its become pointless to put it away!)
    Fingers crossed I get a chance to win one of these suckers! Then all my vacuum dreams would come true!

  4. Oh my goodness Jeanette this couldn’t have come at a better time. I just signed the lease on my new studio apartment that is only 300 square feet and I have two cats! I don’t move in until Jan 1st, but I am going to be needing to vacuum the laminate floors pretty much everyday to keep up on the fur and kitty litter (and I don’t own a vacuum-eek!) But it will be worth it to have my own place finally. :)

    Also, I love your Sheltie! I had a Sheltie named Shelby growing up- they’re the best dogs!

    1. Hannah, I LOVE your big city life. I’m so excited for you. I had the coolest apartment (with roommates) and it wasn’t for me. I’d rather have my own place, my own mess. At that time I was “all work no play” so I totally didn’t relate to roomies – it all didn’t make sense for me. I’m a homebody (I know this now). Good luck lady, how exciting!

  5. Deb Rapisardi says:

    I currently have a Black & Decker Cordless vac that’s about 13 years old (I think it was the first they ever made)I literally cried to my husband the other day because it had finally sucked up it’s last furball. It was by far the BEST cordless stick vac around. With the hair from my Great Pyrenees, and the crumbs from my Yorkie, who’d rather eat his food off the floor, you know this vacuum got abused. Dog hair drives me insane and I usually have to vacuum twice a day (now you know why I was crying). I can see it now, between the dogs and the pine needles from the tree, I’ll be hauling out my big clunky vacuum twice a day. Yes folks feel bad for me :(

  6. Oh, man! I NEED this in my life. Between my two little dogs and my habit of dashing out to the garden and back in we track a lot of dirt, grass and leaves in the kitchen. I have to sweep almost daily!
    During the holidays I bake quite a bit and I often drop things on the floor. This would make clean up so much easier.

  7. I have 2 dogs (one with severe allergies, which multiplies shed dog hair times 100) and a cat. I have also had some health problems that would make using a lighter vacuum more appealing.

  8. I love it! That little bad boy would live in my kitchen, where we are also about to replace the floor. His job? To pick up all the crumbs that fall at all the holiday gatherings and pick up all the ‘fallen snow’ from the tree and other Christmas decorations!

  9. Fabulous!!! I need this vacuum! We are getting a puppy (our 4 kids broke me down after 9 years of begging) and I have a feeling this vacuum may keep me from losing my sanity.

    1. Judith, congrats on the puppy! Before updating our home I was a foster “mom” for puppies and rescued (prior to adopting Buddy, he was 3) and puppies can be so tough! So I feel your pain (they were in our basement in a puppy corral – on a tarp with old towels and blankets). It was a fun time but a lot of work. You’ll get through it! Enjoy!

  10. Pamela Giannetto says:

    I would use this to try and keep up with the dog hair from both a black and a yellow lab. Since they are different colors, I have tufts of dog hair that is hard to ignore no matter what surface they are on. I really like the lift off part. It would be perfect for cleaning off my sofas.

    1. Pamela, you get a doubly whammy for sure! The hand vac really is handy! But so far I can’t get over how discreet it is standing in the corner where I can just grab it and GO!

  11. My husband and I just bought our very first house and we desperately need this vaccum. We have the best black lab in the world, but he sheds sooo badly! The attachment would also be amazing to use to clean my blinds before putting them up. Between trying to get unpacked and cleaning up behind him, this would make our lives so much easier throughout the holidays.

    1. Miranda, congratulations on your first home! This was MY first home purchase (I did it alone) and it’s overwhelming — but in an exciting and good way. Keeping it clean can be so hard during major projects too. Happy holidays to you, your husband and fur baby!

  12. Debbie Reynolds says:

    What a great little vacuum cleaner! Our home at the beach has dark hardwood floors (can you believe it?!) and every speck of anything shows. Drives me nuts! This would be a great solution!

    1. Debbie, I would love to have a sand problem in my house :) but that has to be so hard to keep up with! Good luck on the giveaway!

  13. Mary Taylor says:

    I could totally use this vacuum! My dog has me vacuuming every day, but this would make my life so much easier! Thanks for the opportunity to win one! Love your blog!

    1. Mary, thank you, and same here. I’m now vacuuming 2x per day mainly because it’s easy to just grab and go! The no cord thing is a life changer.

  14. This looks great! We have a rechargeable dust buster — easier for the kids than full size vacuum — but it often comes up short or spits out the last thing it picked up.

    1. Summyr, thanks for your entry…so far this vacuum isn’t spitting but I know what you mean. Our old vacuum started to do that, so frustrating when that happens.

  15. Sherry Howell says:

    Hi Jeanette, Love how your house turned out and your new vacuum sounds like the perfect solution. My husband and I recently had a life change with our grown daughter, son-in-law, and 9 month old grandson moving in with us until they can buy a new house for themselves.
    They also came with a dog and 2 cats so the pet fur has increased quite a bit. Having a vacuum like this would be a great tool to keep up with the daily fur. Always enjoy your blog and thanks for the opportunity.

    1. Thanks Sherry – how fun having a baby in the house again. Pets can definitely overwhelm a space (my single dog sure did) but I feel a little more in control now. Good luck with the move! This house was my very first house I ever bought on my own, so I understand how scary it can be and the challenges of finding the perfect home :)

  16. Kim shafer says:

    Holy cow! Can I just say I love your style and your home! I too have laminate floors and a dog. This involves daily sweeping! Also living with me is a husband, 2 children and a grand daughter. All in a house less than 1000 sq ft! I am in constant cleaning mode! This sweeper would definitely make my cleaning quicker! Thank you!

    1. Kim, thanks so much, the house has definitely been a labor of love! I am definitely sweeping MORE than once per day now that it’s easier – just trying to catch up. Good luck, I wish everyone could win!

  17. Carrie Cederholm says:

    With my 6 pound fur-ball, Ramses the Pomeranian, we could soo use this vacum! My old one just does not do the job any more. Fingerscrossed.

    1. Oh I had a Pom when I was a kid. They are fun dogs! Good luck!

  18. I would use this vacuum to clean up after my kids and pets this holiday season.

    1. I am using this vacuum twice a day doing the exact same thing :)

  19. LaDena Burns says:

    I am an older (71yrs) woman who finds that I need a lighter more efficient vacuum to do my regular chores with but we are also about to adopt a young dog who will be challenging us to keep up after her regular doggie messes. Also I REALLY need a vacuum to do my stairs with and so far have not been able to find an really strong vacuum that is also light enough to do the job in one try! Boy, does this vacuum sound like just what I need!

    1. LaDena, with 20 being given away I hope you win! It is SO lightweight. My only issue (none whatsoever with the vacuum) is my dog’s hair is long so I need to clean the wheels often so they don’t get stuck.

  20. Thank you for the opportunity to win the Black & Decker vacuum this holiday season! With four cats and a dog and a new baby, I could really use a great vacuum like this. I’d love an easy to use, super convenient vacuum that really picks up cat and dog hair! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

    1. Congratulations on your new baby! Good luck and happy holidays! <3

  21. I feel your pain, dark floors and dog hair, sunshine streaming through windows highlighting every speck of dust! This would be so much nicer than pulling out the dinosaur for in between vacuuming! Your floors look beautiful! what a difference!

    1. Thanks, Karen! I would always panic when afternoon sunshine highlights every speck of dirt! Life is so much easier, this vacuum is amazing — I never thought I’d be this excited about a vacuum.

  22. Kelly Hasegawa says:

    Dog hair is the worst, isn’t it?! I have two Basset Hounds and the battle with hair is never-ending. I’m also renovating the second floor of our home and the construction dust is non-stop. It’s so much work to haul out the entire vacuum for a quick clean up but the Black and Decker vacuum looks like an ideal solution!

    1. Kelly – yes! So tough…and it floats, lol! Those phases in life are tough but the reward is so huge. I also like this because it doesn’t blow dirt all over the place. My canister vac was hard to control, I had to wear it over my shoulder and blew Buddy’s hair all over like a hairdryer, lol!

  23. I have dust bunnies every other day on my wood floors so the vacuum sounds like a perfect solution! Plus lighter weight than others.

  24. I would love this handy vacuum! My husband and I have worked hard during our married life to retire early at 61 and 52! We are currently building an 1100 sq ft log cabin, with one bedroom! We have recently simplified our lives and oh what a relief it is!! We are putting in almost the exact same laminate flooring and have an Australian Shepherd who we love dearly however he also molts it seems like year round! We wouldn’t trade him however! Even if I don’t win this vacuum, I can see myself buying it! Thanks for the great blog! I just subscribed and I’m loving all the great info!!!!

  25. Cheryl D Foley says:

    Oh yes, I need this SMARTECH™ Cordless Lithium 2-IN-1 Stick Vacuum in my life! I dream of the day I can eliminate all the carpet from my home…but for now it just isn’t in the budget. We have a doberman pinscher and a boxer bulldog, both rescues, who love to wrestle and play. They stir up a LOT of dust around here! lol I have resorted to putting a permanent filter on the back of a box fan, and running it often to catch all that extra dust. It looks funny but it works. ha! This Black & Decker Stick Vac would be sooo helpful around here. I could use it to do all the blinds, the staircase, the vehicles…and of course all the other spaces too.
    Your home is so beautiful and inspiring! And your dog is adorable :) I cannot wait to see what you do next.
    Happy Holidays~

  26. Cathy Edwards says:

    First of all, I love getting the Snazzylittlethings emails. I can quickly read through it, then go to hell of if there is something I want to check out more. :)
    I would alook love this Black and Decker stick vacuum. With two fur babies in the house, I feel Ike I could stuff a pillow every week with dog hair. It is much easier to use a stick vacuum so that means my girls aren’t so reluctant to do the floors. :) Given the reputation of Black and Decker, I’m sure this will be reliable! Merry Christmas!

    1. Cathy Edwards says:

      That was typo. I did not mean hell. It should have said. Go to the website.. I have a gremlin in the tablet keyboard.

  27. Thank you for the opportunity to win this really cool vacuum. I would use it to pick up all of the glitter from my Christmas decor!

  28. Sandy Meyer Sanger says:

    I soooo need this vac! With my 100-lb. rottie mix and my Maine Coon mix monster, my floors and carpets are afflicted with massive tumbleweeds every day!

  29. An amazing amount of freedom is afforded by this cordless option! It would be great for cleaning both before and after holiday entertaining. It may even be great during entertaining for those inevitable mishaps!

  30. This would be fabulous to win! We are getting ready to install ceramic and hardwoods in our home. Also, I have a cleaning business and this would be great to take to my jobs. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  31. I removed the carpet from my living room and I’m battling cat hair dust bunnies! It’s pointless to sweep, so I’m using an awful shop vac. This would replace it and be so much more useful (for my furniture, too).

  32. I need this vacuum so badly. Maybe I’ll actually start enjoying this chore or kind of like it a little bit more.

  33. Amy Orvin says:

    I plan to use this on all of the little crumbs left behind on the kitchen floor this holiday season.

  34. I like that the smooth pivot steering provides plenty of maneuverability around furniture. There is cat hair and other assorted debris around furniture that makes it very difficult to get at with a regular vacuum. I would use it this holiday season to vacuum up cat hair and Christmas tree droppings!

  35. Christian H says:

    I would use this vacuum for post Christmas cleanup – vacuuming tree needles and glitter from ornaments — and dirt tracked in from relatives.

  36. I like to have my 8 year old grandson help me vacuum while I’m doing other house cleaning duties. The vacuum would be the easiest for him to use while helping me out!

  37. WOW! I’ve been looking for a new vacuum/ sweeper, my old one has about had it! I have all hardwood floors and tile, two area rugs in the whole house. I too have a Sheltie, Sunny, and her little fur balls are ALWAYS everywhere. We also have a long haired cat, and and English Mastiff. There is no shortage of pet hair in my home!😁 That new Black and Decker would be put to good use DAILY, holidays and then some, and no extension cords….well how great is that!? Thanks for the chance to maybe win, if not, I may have to ask Santa for one!😇 Happy Holidays!

  38. Andrea Smith says:

    Oh my! We moved into our home about a year and a half ago and with a small dog, two cats and two kids, it needs a good makeover! When we moved in, we were told the floors were hardwood, but have since discovered they are a laminate. I think this vacuum would help immensely with clean-up – I wasn’t sure if using the standard hardwood floor cleaning products would be OK.

  39. Wendy Siniscalchi says:

    I have hardwood throughout my home and have just taken a break from washing the floors to check email and eat dinner and your email was in my inbox. I have a very heavy upright that I hate for rugs and my rec room in the basement. The Black and Decker would be a godsend.

  40. We have been wanting a vacuum like this for our vinyl floors and area rugs. This looks perfect and so much easier to clean up after our toddler than a broom and dustpan.

    I love that you can see how much battery power is left!

  41. Renee Ito says:

    This is just what I have been looking for! We have two dogs and hardwood floors throughout our home. Love the idea of the detachable crevice cleaner. It’s crazy how so much dog fur accumulates on the stairs. I usually sweep it down then pull out the vacuum. Thanks for the opportunity to possibly win one 😃

  42. Stephanie R DesGrosielliers says:

    I just bought a Bisell featherweight vacuum that can either be used as a sticker vacuum or as a handheld but it’s corded either way I have three dogs who shed like crazy so I’m going to try this on our new laminate floors.

    1. Jeanette, DIY & Decorating Blogger says:

      Great I’m glad this helped! If you have a lot of square footage (my first floor Pergo is around 1160 square feet) it starts to slow down a bit. But it’s been a great quick tool for cleanup!