Vinyl Sheet Flooring Installation

Why Sheet Vinyl Flooring is a GREAT Option for Your Home

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A visual design mood board for an outdated basement bathroom used for guests. Waterproof “wood” flooring, rustic and industrial elements mixed with traditional, vintage decor. Calcutta marble vanity top, mixed metals.

Happy 2020, my friend!

Welcome to our first remodel of the DECADE.

We’ve now been in our new “picket fence house” since August 2018. We’ve updated 10 rooms in some way, but our goal this year is to finish (and furnish) the remaining unfinished spaces in our house.

So this means the entire basement and all the bathrooms are now falling onto my radar.

The first order of business…our embarrassing basement guest bathroom.

Basement Guest Bath (BEFORE)

So…welcome to our ‘luxury’ basement guest bath! Don’t you love it? ;-) And yes that’s carpet you’re seeing in the bathroom. Other than the stinky carpet, the bathroom functions nicely.

It’s just long overdue for a stylish upgrade.

Basement full bath, yes, that’s carpet!

Here is the lived-in look…courtesy of our teenager.

I can’t exactly blame the teen here, there are no hooks, shelves or any storage options, something we will address in this remodel.

Sooo, we happily ripped out the stinky carpet in favor of beautiful wood-like sheet vinyl flooring by LifeProof, found exclusively at The Home Depot.

Once installed it looks amazing!

Waterproof “Wood” Flooring

Our new, faux wood floor feels great underfoot. It isn’t cold to the touch and once it’s installed on concrete, it feels so much like real wood.

LifeProof sheet vinyl flooring doesn’t expand and contract with fluctuating temperatures and it has a super thick, cushioned backing which makes it comfortable to stand on. And best of all…it’s moisture and mildew resistant, really easy to take care of and is protected by a warranty.

Installed in 30 minutes!

Vinyl Sheet Flooring Installation
Affixed to the concrete with a fully-releasable pressure sensitive adhesive, making repositioning and the installation easy. Installation instructions can be found here.

And because there is minimal subfloor prep and no need for an underlayment, installation is faster and less expensive. The installers were in and out within 30 minutes!

No more cold bathroom floors

My preference for any bathroom is warm, rich wood flooring. Tile in the basement seems too cold for me. This is the perfect solution for us!

As for why the previous owners installed carpet? We figured it offered warmth and a non-slip surface that could be installed overtop of the basement concrete.

But we can get all of that with Lifeproof!

Rustic + Refined Bathroom Mood Board

The flooring offers us an opportunity to mix some rustic elements in with a more refined, classic look that I’ve come to love. Excluded from this remodel is a shower tile project – which is out of budget at the moment.

Coming soon! The reveal!

Later this week I’ll share the full reveal! I LOVE this floor and we can talk about maintenance and the final result. Thanks for following along, more to come!

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  1. Sharon Brosey says:

    We recently took up the vinyl flooring in our lower level bath and added tile. The vinyl served us well for many years but with kids coming in wet from the pool water got under the vinyl. Since it’s a small half bath tile was the answer for us and allowed me to add a fun bold pattern. Since the rest of the bath is not in the budget we only did the floor but it makes a huge difference.

    I appreciate your honesty In saying the shower tile is staying the same for now since it’s not in the budget. Encouraging to know others do projects in stages, as they can afford to. Sometimes it’s hard to get started on a project knowing it cannot be completed all at once. Magazine and television redos never show this.

    Thanks again for sharing.


    1. Jeanette, DIY Blog says:

      Sharon – I’m so glad to hear your vinyl floor served you well. Sheet vinyl flooring looks SO different these days and it’s worth a try.

      Yes the shower is too expensive for us to take on right now. I want to preserve our budget for the rest of the house since we want to update other rooms this year. The shower is still a bit embarrassing but it functions just fine – so we will hide it with a shower curtain! :)

  2. Oh boy! I can’t wait for this reveal! I need to do something with my basement bathroom!

    1. Jeanette, DIY Blog says:

      Now that it’s installed SO many people are shocked to hear it’s sheet vinyl! The room looks so different now…I can’t wait to share the whole space :)

  3. Love the look of the floor. We have vinyl flooring in our kitchen and master bath. Both from 1991, lol. This looks to be an ideal solution that would update our clean looking but, tired old floors. I really want to see the rest of the reveal!

  4. Jeanette, DIY Blog says:

    Thanks Deb! I love how long vinyl lasts and it’s so easy to take care of. We stepped outside of our typical go-to dark flooring for remodel and we’re so glad we did. Sheet vinyl has come a long way but the durability sold me. The color options are really nice these days! It’s nice to choose a worry-free option for any bathroom, especially one in the basement!

  5. Thanks for the update on vinyl flooring. This will be an option for us in the future. Love it

    1. Jeanette, DIY Blog says:

      You bet! We’ve already had a lot of compliments – it works well with the rest of the decor, too.

  6. Megan Barber says:

    Your mood board layout looks so magazine ready and I can’t wait for the reveal! I’m really loving all your elements of design, it all pull together so nicely! ❤️

    1. Jeanette, DIY Blog says:

      Thank you Megan. Mood boards keep me from overspending and sticking to my plan :)