Media Kit

If you are considering an advertising or brand partnership with Snazzy Little Things, I’m so excited to have you here!!  Here I enjoy posting about all things DIY & home improvement. I also post about blogging, travel, self-care and family. There are several ways that we can work together, but first, read my full blog disclosure policy.

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All images and text shared on this site are the property of Snazzy Little Things unless stated otherwise… and I’m SO thrilled that you’re here visiting. I’m delighted for you to Pin or Stumble or Share or Tweet to your hearts delight providing all links are directly to “Snazzy Little Things” (not “source” or “photo credit”, etc.). If you are a blog or an individual and would like to mention a post of mine please only use a SINGLE image and link back to my original post. I invite brands to contact me directly for image-use terms. Do not alter, crop, edit or add/ remove watermarks from my images. I do not accept guest posts of any kind at this time. If you have any questions, please contact me. For more information, see my full disclosure and privacy policy.

Ways we can work together:

1). Sponsored Content

I love generating sponsored content, and I’d be happy to discuss the details of your next campaign with you. Email me if you’d like to discuss a partnership! I have enjoyed working with numerous home improvement paint, home decor and craft supply companies.

2). Purchase ad space

If you’re interested in purchasing sidebar ad space to reach new audiences, click here to get started!  Advertisers can set up campaigns for as little as $100.  You can choose the length of the campaign, your target audience and your budget. Credit card payment is accepted, and we do the rest! 

3). Guest Posts (bloggers only): 

If you are a DIY and home decor blogger and would like to guest post or become a contributor, please email a completed article (including HTML and photos) to me for consideration. I won’t be able to answer inquiries unless it accompanies an actual article that’s ready to publish (in HTML). I would also like writing samples from your previous guest post contributions. Paid link placements or bloggers writing for brands are not accepted.

4). No paid link placement, please:

I get hundreds of emails per week asking for paid link placement. The answer is no. I only write for brands I have personally experienced in the form of sponsored posts. I don’t accept article placement or link to brands I have not worked with personally. Article placement is generally considered advertising and my policy is that nofollow links are required. Anything contrary to this is against Google policy. If this arrangement isn’t suitable, then another option would be to engage in a sponsored post, or to place an ad on the sidebar.

Here is my expressed commitment to you as an advertiser:

  • I blog several times per month, producing high-quality, pinnable images. 
  • I post about my own DIY projects and generously share other content that I find inspiring
  • I average 250-500 words per post
  • I leverage Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and all social networks strategically
  • Biggest traffic sources: organic search, larger DIY sites, my own social media activity
  • I focus on the quality over quantity of content
  • I respond to comments, generating feedback and extending reach
  • I leverage the WordPress Genesis platform with minimal plugins or software
  • I am continually fine tuning my site performance and challenging it’s growth

Current stats:

Private DIY Forum:             4,000 active members

Facebook Business Page:   20,026

Pinterest Followers:            17,840 (Reach of 2.9 million)

Twitter Followers:               3,008 – all social media is integrated and feeds Twitter.

Instagram Followers:          5,805

Houzz:                                          109 clients / followers                     875 followers with 37,000 shares – an audience that loves repurposing and DIY

Email Subscribers:           10,500 (many subscriber-only incentives, with daily + weekly newsletters sent to readership, 41% average open rate)

I look forward to working with you!