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Is your home in need of a refresh, but you’re unsure where to start? Is cost preventing you from hiring an interior designer? My virtual design services are perfect to help you plan out your spaces. I help you visualize a “roadmap to success” — one that provides you with a realistic plan to simplify your decor while making your home more functional — and beautiful!

Why eDesign?

For the past five years, I’ve enjoyed sharing my home improvement journey with you. I love to help readers gain the courage to pick up power tools or try a new DIY skill for the first time. I know how overwhelming it can be when you are new to DIY and have little to no budget to work with — I’ve been there!

What’s Different About My Service?

By using my affordable eDesign Services, I help you identify an economical path towards updating the space you’re in. I first focus on what you already own — I don’t tell you to throw out your existing furniture and decor! I honor your heirloom pieces and encourage you to reuse your existing items while co-mingling them with fun new pieces. By doing this, I help you save money while breathing new life into your home so that you can love the space you’re in!