Halloween Window Silhouettes


Halloween Window Silhouettes

Turn your house into a haunted house with my freehanded downloads. I made these for a “less scary” Halloween haunted house during my neighborhood trick or treat.

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A fun tidbit: the set designers for “Goosebumps” asked if they could use these for their movie set design. I never heard back from them…so if you spot them in the movie let me know! These Halloween window silhouettes were drawn by me on a whim when I had a Halloween party one year. We’ve always been that crazy family that goes a bit overboard for Halloween, so be sure to visit this link for more inexpensive Halloween decorating ideas.

How to Enlarge:

  • Tile printing is the method I use to enlarge images for my larger art projects. If you’re not familiar with it, it can be a tedious and frustration process, which I have outlined here (tile printing right on your own computer)..
  • Send to a Local Print Shop: Send these PDFs to your local Fedex/Kinkos (or bring them in on a thumb drive) and have them print them in the size that fit your windows. I folded mine up and reused them year-after-year.

Halloween silhouette images

We put these on our windows every year for trick or treat…the neighborhood kids loved it!