Stop Using the Word “Eclectic” – here’s why

Do you describe your decorating style as “eclectic”? I used to, too. Then I realized that this meant that anything that strikes your fancy will find its way into your shopping cart, giving you carte blanche to buy anything that makes you happy. So if you’re standing in a Homegoods with a cart full of tchotchkes…take a moment of pause ;-) 

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The truth is, we’ve all been there. And while I totally agree that you should decorate with things that make you happy, it’s all fun and games until you have a basement full of too much STUFF that ends up in a donation pile in a year or two. 

My #1 Decorating Tip? Stop buying tchotchkes for your home until you know your decorating style.

Choose classic decor that works anywhere in your home.

By not defining our style, it leaves us vulnerable to overspending. Designers and all the magazines know this – the decor that they said is the “next best thing” is the exact thing they are saying is “out” 6 months later. Some of our impulse purchases may look great today, but could be outdated in a year or two. Then? The vicious cycle beings all over again. So. Chances are about 80% of what’s in the cart you don’t need. Or, you just think it’s cute. 

So my challenge to you? Learn how to find CLASSIC decor that stands the test of time.

My hope is that this message comes through as your best girlfriend offering up a pang of guilt. Hey, that’s what friends are for! :) My goal is to help you decorate your home simply and beautifully while saving you money. And to avoid the spending trap that so many of us fall into when we’re dangerously bored and we don’t have a clear vision of our spaces.

So here are my tips for finding decor that stands the test of time and train your eye to find classic style decor that will last for years to come. 

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