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velvet pumpkins giveaway

Brain is mush. But inspired…

Before I give these beautiful velvet pumpkins away, (hop over to Facebook to see how to win) I wanted to show you how cute they were on my DIY crates. Let's pretend for a minute these are mine. ;-) The vignettes I create unintentionally are sometimes my best ones. Does that happen to you? Sometimes we just need to try less. I was piling these crates up here and I have a gigantic pile of "stuff" sitting next to it from my excursion to the Columbus, OH Country Living Fair. After walking through the Country Living Fair yesterday, I uttered the phrase, "I think I have to process what just happened to me." The STUFF and the craftsmanship at this fair was incredible.  My brain was on complete "tilt" with inspiration. No surprise, I was talked into buying a few things. Can't wait to show you what I found during part II of my fall home tour this week. (Keep reading to see who will be joining me). Oh, and I'm going to try like hell to recreate some of the inspiration I found down there. … More...

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Ready for Fall: Outdoors

 Fall Home Tour Part I:  Outdoors  I love this time of year because everything seems so much more relaxed. It’s the calm before 9 months of extreme weather. And we are (almost) ready for it. Leave it to my son to sum up fall, in all the glory of his teenage eloquence: “Fall means dead [...]


Winterizing Outdoor Furniture with Hemp Oil

Let me start this post by saying, this is for wood furniture that you may use outdoors that could use a picke-me-up or protection from the elements this coming season. If you stopped by Part I of my fall home tour, you saw that I renewed my old table that I use as an outdoor [...]

live workshops

DIY Live Video Workshops?

  Reader input is requested since I’m at a crossroads with blogging. I’m not quitting – just willing to try something maybe, a little different. Something fun–which is why I started blogging to begin with.  ***** Behind the scenes, this little website is one of the more difficult DIY’s I’ve ever done. And of course, [...]


Heartfelt Cliches and Peoplewatching

This post was written in the wee hours, past midnight Monday morning during one leg of my flight to Kansas City. Above: snapped en route to Atlanta, GA. It’s past midnight, and I’m in Atlanta finally sitting on my “cancelled” flight heading to Kansas City. I can’t DIY–so all I can do is sit here. [...]

Fall Tour 2014

Cleaning out my closets…

As a blog reader – what makes YOU hit the subscribe button? What brings you back a second, third or fourth time?  On the other hand, what turns you “off”? I’m about ready to make some changes around here…nothing major – but I’ve been urged by many to “tell my story”. Yes, this is a [...]


Facebook “Top Fan” Weekly Prize

Sponsored by my favorite Annie Sloan stockist, Funky Junk Boutique. Are you following me on Facebook? Facebook is where I post all of my sneak peeks on my DIY projects. It’s where I hang. It gives me instant gratification. I can interact with readers in realtime. In fact, love it so much that I decided [...]


DIY: 100 Years of “Perfection” Ball Jar Craft

  This limited edition jar was sent to me from Ball® Canning & Recipes to commemorate 100 years since the creation of the “Perfection” Jar. I’ve been asked to create a DIY craft with these beauties–stay tuned for a DIY in progress!  (And…enter to WIN an awesome package below!) Ball “Perfection” – Limited Edition in [...]


French Decor for the Outdoors

I’ve not showed you the exterior of my house much, have I? Well…the rough Ohio winter nearly wiped out our landscape, and we’ve been saving trees…literally. So I’ve been on Polyvore getting ideas on how to spruce up some of our outdoors spaces. Let me first ask a question. Is it strange in that I [...]

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front door boxwood wreath with frame

DIY: Framed Boxwood Wreath

Need some inspiration for your front door? Here is one of the most complicated DIY tutorials you will ever witness–a framed boxwood wreath.   My new spring wreath + Front Door makeover + lessons learned. (Original inspiration courtesy of Down To Earth Style) So after a grueling trip to Michael’s and Target, this could be [...]

painted kitchen before and after

DIY: Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation (Kitchen)

My kitchen when I first moved in back in 2005: I added a wallpaper backsplash that year…I had NO budget for improvements (yet). My lovely junk collector island that we later leveled and added IKEA butcher block. Our “first” after picture below…this is after investing only $1600…(we are now continuing our upgrades…see Kitchen Project Phase [...]

At bottom of stairs, looking in

Basement (Industrial Style)

Basement Remodel Floor Plan Part I of my industrial basement remodel, including the floor plan, lessons learned, advice to anyone building a new home…and biting the bullet on cost. So here is the lowdown on our industrial basement.  I hope you get a feel for the floor plan — this had NO studs or prebuilt [...]

Frieze Molding Installation

Frieze Molding: Two Story Foyer

Adding molding in a two story foyer can be a bit of a DIY challenge, especially when you don’t have the right equipment (or are afraid of heights).   Knowing how to make it aesthetically pleasing is also important and sometimes tricky. The finished model homes are deceptive.  They lure the buyer in with all of the finish [...]


DIY: Stenciled French Backsplash

I had a beautiful, unused stencil with a script version of the French sonnet, “Springtime in Paris” (it was originally intended for my sunroom curtains, little did I know I would soon DIY my first stenciled backsplash). I changed my mind on the curtains and I decided I didn’t want visitors to be distracted by the writing.    At the [...]

painting railing collage

DIY: Painting Stair Railings & Fixing Color Mistakes

In this post you will witness my neurosis with color and getting it exactly right. During my recent stair railing makeover, I tried to step outside of my normal comfort zone and “warm up” my color scheme by bringing out the reds in my flooring. My house is an open loft style and the railing [...]

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