21 Simple & Spooky Halloween Crafts

halloween collage

We've always been "that family" -- you know, the one that goes overboard at Halloween. We go out of our way to dress up and frighten the neighborhood proudly during trick-or-treat. For us, it's all in the name of fun and making our kids' holidays at home memorable. Now that my kids are 11 and 16 years old, we are able to amp up our decorating so much more than when they were toddlers. We include our friends in the craziness with no regrets. We have apple dunking, the wonderfully disgusting touch-and-feel boxes, and a scavenger hunt. The kids loved it (and...the teenagers did, too, although they were acting too-cool to admit it). So because we're "that family"... Hometalk.com asked me to round up some WAY fun Halloween decorating ideas. Check out "21 Simple & Spooky Halloween … [Read more...]

How we “fixed” falling drywall tape…

Hand Hewn Wood Beams Square by SnazzyLittleThings.com

How to DIY Hand Hewn Wood Beams (and make them look authentically old)  I'm convinced that we live in a house of cards. I think our builders stacked a bunch of drywall side-by-side--then taped it all together. Don't laugh, because in our sunroom...we were right. No studs exist at the peaks of this ceiling which is why it was coming apart...literally at the seams.  Glue or spackle wasn't fixing the problem either. As the house settles, the seams would reappear over time. We talked about covering the ceiling with planked boards (painted white), but that's still under consideration. It finally occurred to us that -- we could add reinforcement to our ceiling by installing our own DIY rough hewn wood beams. And, we could finally give this room more character. So here is the … [Read more...]

Making old art beautiful again…

3 Easy Steps to Repurposing Wall Art

Today I'm going to show you how I repurposed old 1960's reproduction art into a rustic farmhouse display that fits into my decor. And I'll also show you how my repurpose is multi-functional -- I can still display the original seascape by removing my distressed wood background. You can easily do this with most any piece of canvas art in your home. A great idea if you like to change your vignettes each season, and you want some versatility with your artwork.  You probably spotted this in my fall home tour yesterday. But like most pieces that I repurpose...there's always a backstory. I give vintage pieces a chance before I paint them. I evaluate a piece by moving it around in different vignettes just to see if it could work. Then I think on it... But my first response when I saw this … [Read more...]

Keep your face…towards the sunshine…

Walt Whitman Sunshine & Shadows Printable by SnazzyLittleThings.com

So excited to share today's free printable.When a quote has meaning to me personally, I try to find the right way to express it artistically so that I can share it with you. I love (and needed to hear) this sentiment from Walt Whitman. In this post I'll share a bit more about what's been going on behind the blog - life certainly isn't a bed of roses (or daisies) around here all the time, even though it might appear that way sometimes. On the DIY front, I'm learning how to edit video with some new (and complicated) software. Soon we'll have a tutorial on how we made distressed wooden beams that are now in our sunroom. They look so amazing, my husband did such a great job, (you can see a glimpse of them in my fall home tour). I'm also drafting up new ideas for a craft room, thinking about … [Read more...]

Fall Home Tour 2015

After Repurposed Art by SnazzyLittleThings.com

"We create beautiful things. Sharing craft, DIY, decor & woodworking tutorials. Tips & tricks that make your creative conquests a little easier." "Fall Home Tour: 5 Days, 30 Bloggers" Happy Labor Day! First off, one of my favorite bloggers precedes me on this tour, so I'd like to thank Sarah from Life on Virginia Street - she's a sweet gal and I actually got to meet her in person at the Haven bloggers' conference in Atlanta.  If this is your first time here, welcome! I'm so excited to have you here and I'd also like to thank Marty from A Stroll Thru Life who once again, invited me to join her blogger home tour series! Be sure to stop by all week to visit all 30 of us, our full tour schedule is listed at the bottom of this page. *** I'm going through storage … [Read more...]

Putting a little French in my farmhouse

Amazon Farmhouse Round Up

The other day I asked my husband, "are we too farmhouse? I mean...we live in a subdivision. I don't want to get too crazy with the farmhouse. Just touches." His reply, "not too much. Well? Nah, we're more industrial."  My interpretation? I NEED MORE FARMHOUSE. Kind of like Christopher Walken needs more cowbell...and I definitely had a fever. (Thanks Amazon, for scratching that itch) ;-) Operation: Dining Area My house is open design. One little change seems to throw the whole room off. Well, I've made a few changes, and now my brain has been on "tilt" trying to tie a few loose ends together. Earlier this summer I hung some pretty shutters in my dining area. While I loved them, they looked like they needed more of a purpose. Here is what I'm planning to work with...(affliate … [Read more...]

Printable: “Autumn is a second spring…”

Autumn Free Printable

"We create beautiful things. Sharing craft, DIY, decor & woodworking tutorials. Tips & tricks that make your creative conquests a little easier." I love fonts, especially old typewriter fonts. I knew I wanted a quote about fall...but I also like the idea of a definition. I perused Pinterest and found some inspiration, then merged the two ideas into one. Now I'm passing it along to you in the form of a free printable.  There is a plain background version (like the one on my shelf above), or you can download one with a faded, wooden background (below). Once you subscribe, you will immediately have access and receive a link to download your own printable, along with a link to all of my other fall printables that you can use in your home decor. Sign up by clicking … [Read more...]

Fall is in the air…(home tour preview)

Fall Home Tours

5 Days, 30 Bloggers ~ Begins Monday, September 7th! We're preparing our house for fall and we're excited to share a few new DIYs with you. Here's a preview of what's in store for you next week! (Plus a free fall printable for subscribers only!) "We create beautiful things. Sharing craft, DIY, decor & woodworking tutorials. Tips & tricks that make your creative conquests a little easier." I'm so honored that Marty with A Stroll Thru Life invited me to join her for her fall bloggers' home tour. These tours give me so much motivation, without them I know for a fact that I'd never decorate with each changing season. Our DIY to-do list seems to be growing rather than shrinking. We've had a few unforeseen DIYs come up. Our sprinkler system is broken so our lawn is pretty … [Read more...]

Your best summer memory…


I once heard a saying which struck a chord with me...and it goes something like this: "Part of the deal we make as parents is that we only get to keep our kids with us for a short time -- until they fly from the nest".   - Unknown  Such a wise and true statement. When the kids get off the bus on the last day of school, my desire to pick up the paint brush wanes considerably. I needed some serious "me" time with the kids, and I would say this summer we made the best of it. As a reader, I'm sure you're at least a little curious about the "real" people behind a blog. In order to maintain my blogging sanity, sometimes I need to write random posts...even if they're just about little adventures or thoughts...just for me. It can't be all-DIY-all-the-time. Finding balance is good for … [Read more...]

Our Deck, Before & After

Deck Makeover with Wayfair Furniture 1

If you've followed my blog for a while, you will notice that some of our DIY projects have slowwwwwly evolved. We love to take our time and curate, collect, repurpose and build our way to a better space. Our deck has been no exception.  "Design definitely doesn't happen in a day" Our summers are short. And while I could repurpose my little heart out and be uber practical, in three short months I always seem to run out of runway. Overthinking, planning and not working fast enough leaves us spinning our wheels. We've found ourselves in this debacle for too many years, only to neglect our beautiful deck once again. In May, I decided to change that. I challenged readers (and myself) to participate in a #30DayFlip outdoor space challenge. Well, the truth is - readers totally rocked … [Read more...]

More than just a rug…

Detroit Michigan 2014

* This post was sponsored by Wayfair.com * Today's guest blogger is my stepdaughter, Kaitie. She's setting up her gorgeous apartment in Motor City, Michigan and I wanted to include her in this campaign. We're entering the phase of life where she's outgrowing her post-college hand-me-down furniture and we'd like to start helping her upgrade her space to suit her own personal taste. It's her birthday this weekend, too! The big 2-6! Happy birthday, Kait! Love you...Dad & Jeanette Detroit, Michigan, 2014 I live in the land of the twenty-something; the land of plaid shirts, man buns and the lingering smell of American Spirit cigarettes. It was a long series of events which led me to this 19th century penthouse suite (read non-air conditioned dust trap with awesome views) in Detroit’s … [Read more...]

DIY Workshops are Back!

DIY Workshops

Back by popular demand, I'm resurrecting my DIY workshops. This chalk paint workshop was a big hit with 23 registrations. To be notified of my future online workshops, subscribe here.    Topic: Chalk Paint Workshop, "Let's Talk Chalk Paint" When:  July 26th at 9:00 pm (recorded) Where:  View recording Cost:      Free! Click to Register / Attend session   Topics covered:   My favorite chalk paint Prepping surfaces Techniques I use Additional effects and mediums I use Home made chalk paint recipe Finish coats Get notifications for future DIY Workshops, sent right to your inbox: Hope to see you tonight! … [Read more...]