Wallpaper Mural Upstairs Loft

Wallpaper Murals: 10 reasons to LOVE them

Wallpaper murals are an art lovers’ dream, offering homeowners a dramatic option to go BIG while tying together their interior spaces. The styles available from PhotoWall Sweden are among my favorites on the market. While I shopped their website, I saved over 100 “favorites” before finally settling on our final design. Affiliate notice: You can purchase this exact mural using my affiliate links.

Are wall Murals Still In style?

I realize that I talk a lot about avoiding trends and embracing classic, timeless style. Decorating in this manner has saved me SO much money over the years. Yet here I am – contemplating a trend! Murals have been hot lately and trending everywhere on Instagram and I am all-in. So I’ve been giving this a lot of thought: are wallpaper murals classic? Or Trendy? Here is where I landed:

Wallpaper murals are CLASSIC. If you look back at historical homes or neoclassic interiors, wall murals featuring classic landscapes and art are often found in these homes and have been retained for centuries. Similar to wainscoting and wall trim, wall murals have enjoyed a permanent place inside of neoclassic style homes. When done right they will look amazing for years to come.

_ Jeanette, (me) @SnazzyLittleThings

Pushing Myself Out of My Decorating Comfort Zone

Here are a few reasons that pushed me toward my decision to install a mural.

In our last house, it was clear that we were decorating to sell. We have largely removed “farmhouse” from most of our rooms and moved toward a modern classic look. We are at a phase in life where want to let go of some of the decorating inhibitions we developed as we prepped our house for sale. This mural is a great start and has definitely pushed us out of our comfort zone!

The Upstairs Loft (Before)

Here are the listing photos of the upstairs loft when we moved here in 2018. Back then I had no idea what this space would become, but you can see my original thoughts in the captions!

Wallpaper Mural Upstairs Loft

10 Reasons to LOVE Wallpaper Murals For Your Home

  1. Creates a high-end look instantly
  2. Inexpensive, our mural for our 10′ wall was around $330.
  3. Dramatic! For those that want a “wow” factor in your spaces, wall murals are a great option.
  4. No power tools needed, a great beginner project.
  5. FAST & easy installation – our mural was finished in 2 hours.
  6. Anchors your style! In our case I wanted a neoclassic style mural and this fits perfectly.
  7. Provides a built-in color palette. So if you’re confused about color, the mural is a great place to look.
  8. Zero commitment – murals are easy to change or remove!
  9. Wide selection is available at Photowall, with SO many designs.
  10. Versatile! Placement of a mural can go on a single wall, cover an entire room, above a mantel, or even a ceiling.

How to Install Photowall Murals (Video)

Wallpaper Mural Upstairs Loft
Photowall Romantic Neutral Landscape (Affiliate Link)

It’s clear that I’m on a journey with our upstairs spaces. I love dark academia style and would say this is a slight nod towards that style.

View of wallpaper mural from downstairs mantel mirror
The space is open to our family room below and the wall is actually visible via our recently updated mantel. The colors are cohesive with the rest of the space and it’s nice to look up here and to witness this beautiful art. I like the placement – it’s bold without being “in your face” :)

The landing is a work in progress. We are using old furniture up here for now and I threw this together quickly, but it appears our older furniture is working pretty well. My thoughts are to add library bookshelves on the adjacent wall and to keep this pretty mural untouched and visible to the spaces below.

Follow along as we continue to update this space, I’m so excited to finally address some of our unfinished spaces and have a little fun with them!

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  1. Teddee Grace says:

    I love many of these murals, especially those in muted colors like yours. I am wondering if there is any way to prep a horrible cinderblock wall in my apartment bedroom to accept any wall covering?

  2. Oh I love this idea! Create high end look with an easy application of wallpaper.