DIY Pumpkin Using a Home Printer

DIY Painted Pumpkin Ideas (with decoupage)

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This little DIY painted pumpkin takes less than 30 minutes and will instantly class up your fall decor. 

I’m pulling this project from my craft archives, at the time I created it I was mesmerized at how beautiful the site for The Decorated House is and found myself clicking for hours at design and decor ideas, that’s where I got my initial idea for these pumpkins. Then I found images on The Graphics Fairy, offers a wonderful selection of downloadable vintage images.

DIY Painted Pumpkin Ideas + Decoupage


  • A fake pumpkin from the dollar or craft 
  • Bright white latex paint (I used leftover house paint)
  • Paint brush
  • Printed images on white paper from The Graphics Fairy

Decoupaged Pumpkins DIY

Step 1:

Paint the fake pumpkin white (LEAVE WET), the latex acts like a “glue” for your image

Step 2:

Adhere printed images to the pumpkin while paint is wet. Press printed image in place using a soft cloth to ensure it adheres in the crevices. In my case, I dampened the cloth which softened the paper and allowed me to press the image into the crevices of the pumpkin, leaving no gaps at the edges.

Step 3:

Once dry, I applied a final coat of matte Mod Podge over the graphic.  I also have used matte polyurethane as well.


(In case you were wondering, the graphic in the middle represents our initials, intertwined, and we created that ourselves.20121004-193625.jpg

Quick easy and gorgeous! Be sure to follow me on Pinterest where you’ll find me pinning more white fall pumpkin ideas that are fun and simple to do at home.


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  1. The pumpkin is beautiful! The black & white looks great. Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday!

  2. Love your pumpkins. It is amazing what paint and decoupage can do to a plain pumpkin.

  3. Which graphic did you use for this pumpkin? I absolutely love it! I’ve looked on The Graphics Fairy site, but don’t see it – right off anyway. Could you save me some time and searching and share the name or something?
    Thanks so much. I love this idea and the great graphic in the middle representing your initials. Any tips on how to do that?….