25+ Feather Accents for Your Home

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25+ Feather Decor Accents

I love using pillows as a way to embrace decor trends without breaking the bank. Undoubtedly my obsession with feather decor is inspired by the Nordic-inspired styling that’s happening all around us. While I’m loving this trend, I’m wondering if my own decor tastes are changing?

If so, that’s ok. It’s fun to mix things up! I try to wait out trends before I’m all-in. If a trend proves to have staying power and begins to look more classic and clean, then I start to embrace it with subtle, inexpensive accents. It’s a nice, easy way to stick to my budget.

My free feather art printable:


So without a doubt, I was inspired to open an online boutique so that I could honor my design “crushes” and work them into my decor.


I wanted to share one of my favorite bloggers, Lauren from Blesse’r House, also jumped on board with the feather trend in a pretty and subtle way.

Tribal prints are just so cool – I’m loving these napkins, and if you visit BlesserHouse.com, you’ll receive Lauren’s bonus tutorial on how to make these cute cotton napkin rings!


Below I’ve rounded up 25+ pretty things that caught my eye. While some of the prices are a bit impractical, I do this to get inspired, so I’m sharing here with you.

You might notice a necklace, and a scarf in here. I went a little crazy with the mood board – I don’t know, maybe I’ll start wearing feathers. A boa, perhaps :)

Need More Ideas?

Need more inspiration? Or have you already embraced this trend?

Come visit my idea boards on Houzz to see more pretty rooms using feather accents.

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  1. Christiane H says:

    I have embraced feathers! Peacocks are my favorite birds and I have several peacock accouterments
    around my home.

  2. Nope, doing some upgrading now, and hope to change up some decor. TY for the chance.

  3. Raina DelRio says:

    I have not used feathers in my decor, yet. I so love all of the rustic glam suggestions you have linked

  4. Yes, I have definitely especially in my daughter’s room. She loves feathers and very boho like items which I love! We even made a dream catcher for her room.

  5. I live in the woods with hawks flying overhead all the time. I embraced feathers in my décor long ago. They fall from the sky around here. :)

  6. I’ve seen feather accents all over lately and love it. I haven’t had the opportunity to use feathers in my decor. Would love to.

  7. Karen Umbrello says:

    I do love feathers and I actually just bought a ton of feather pics from ACMOORE. They are in a large milk glass vase like a bunch of flowers. They are rooster tail feathers, so are perfect in color for fall decor. I also bought two wood feather garland (craft projects) from Target, but haven’t made them yet.
    Anyway, I’m on board!
    Karen U

  8. I haven’t used feathers in my decor but am becoming more open to do so.

  9. Crazy about the triple feather print. Just need to find a place to hang it.

  10. angela bradley says:

    i did make a feather garland for the mantle. i used a lot of gold. it turned out better than i expected.thx

  11. I have not as yet, but I love your fresh ideas. My decorating has become a little stagnant and you have a lot of good ideas. Thanks.

  12. Yes, yes and YES! I love feathers. The simplicity of them and the elegance. I have a few feather décor items throughout the house.

  13. Debbie Reynolds says:

    I have not used feathers in my decor yet. I have been on the fence trying to decide how best to incorporate it in my home. I have seen many lovely rooms in blogs with small accents. Pillows would be a great way to go!

  14. Sue Glass says:

    OH, how I love feathers. Just one of the natural things I collect!

  15. Teddee Grace says:

    I love using feathers in my decor and in my craft projects and guess I just hadn’t caught on to the fact that it was a trend.

  16. Christine says:

    We are blessed to live in the woods with several species of birds- including eagles, hawks, owls, herons, jays and finches. I love your feather decor!

  17. I don’t have any feather decor in my home but it is something that I definitely like!

  18. I have not embraced this much yet as I am trying to redo some rooms in my home but I would totally love too! Love all of the pillows!

  19. We just bought a new house and I am starting to use feathers in my overall decor. So excited to discover your site and borrow some of your ideas!

  20. I have not have any feathers in my decor, but your suggestions have changed my mind. I love the Paragon feathers!