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$500 Guest Bedroom Remodel

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It’s REVEAL DAY of our One Room Challenge! I’m so excited to share our basement guest bedroom remodel with you. On my blog I set an exact budget for every room. Our articles are as much a financial lesson as they are a decorating tutorial. This means I will paint, repurpose, “shop my own home” and thrift my way to a beautiful space to stay within that set budget.

At the time of this upgrade we had only lived in the house 3 months and had updated 5 rooms. Without this challenge I would have definitely back burnered this mini-remodel. It forced me to focus and think on how we want to use this space long-term. We consider this the “1.0 update” with more changes planned in the future. But now I have a new challenge: photographing dark interiors with no natural light. Given that, I hope you enjoy a candlelight tour of this space. This is the first time I’ve ever done this and I plan to do a few more night tours over the holidays, too!

Guest Bedroom, BEFORE:

Here is the listing photo of the guest room before we moved in:

Basement bonus room (aka guest suite)

In case you’re just tuning in, we have been updating this space for the last six weeks while attempting to spend $500 or less. Luckily, no major repairs were needed, just paint and furniture!

$500 Guest Bedroom Remodel

A night tour

Did I stay within my $500 budget? I’ll reveal that at the bottom of this post!

Guest Bedroom Reveal Up Close of Tray BHG Magazine-2
This tray was given to me during my photo shoot with Better Homes & Gardens. We were featured in the issue pictured here (January 2017).
Night Tour Guest Bedroom Reveal Full view
Wall art from our stash // Vanity,  chair and decor reused from former dressing room // Mirror from Lowe’s $59 // Lamps from Target // 2 Nightstands $50 from Facebook Marketplace // New Mattress $200 // New Headboard $65 // All bedding we already had // Paint $70

Guest Bedroom Reveal Night Stand-2

Guest Bedroom Reveal Vanity Books up close-2
Some humorous reading for our guests…I picked these mini books up from Francesca’s years ago.

Night tour guest bedroom reveal-2

I’m not a trained decorator, but I do try to choose furniture and decor that is interchangeable anywhere in the house. I don’t theme out my rooms too much when I’m decorating. If some of this looks familiar it’s from my former dressing room at our previous house (we gained a bedroom but we’re down a formal dressing room with this move). But we also gained 500 in additional square footage in this house.

Guest Bedroom Reveal View of Sitting Room

Reading nook with workstation:

 This nook serves as a nice sitting room and makes the guest bedroom feel bigger and more inviting. We added the comfortable chair, an extra laptop, a bookshelf that houses reading material, the Wifi password and extra chargers and cords. We may replace the large canvas art with a TV someday. One Room Challenge Night Tour of Nook-2

Some of this decor is a bit random. I often retire our misfit furniture from our upstairs living areas to become our new basement furniture. My strategy was to reuse and repurpose items from our home as a first priority. Then I allocated $500 in more “stuff” to make this room function as an actual bedroom. Much of that budget was used on paint and the new mattress. I had to get creative to pull the rest of this space together.

Guest Bedroom Reveal Wifi Chalkboard Sign-2

One Room Challenge Night Tour of Workstation with Wreath-2
I once used these shelves for staging a house, but only bought them for $15 each. I spray painted them with Country Gray chalk paint. Lamp from Target.

Night Tour Guest Bedroom Journal-2

One Room Challenge Night Bedroom Tour of JournalOur guest bedroom has been booked quite a bit in the short time we’ve lived here. We’ve already hosted 5 overnight guests since we moved in! My stepdaughter just got married (last night) and we’re also remodeling two other rooms at the same time. This challenge hasn’t been easy since we decided to do this during a busy time in our lives. Be sure to subscribe here to see our foyer and dining room update which we’ve been doing simultaneously as the ORC. It feels so nice to start making this house our own.

Night tour guest bedroom reveal

One Room Challenge Night Tour of Bathroom Shelves

Sources & Prices:

$500 was necessary to turn the misfit furniture into an official guest bedroom. Here is exactly where our money has been spent.

  • Serta Mattress = $200 
  • Tufted Headboard new in box = $65 (from a local closeout company)
  • Full Bed Frame = $10
  • Bed Risers = $19 on Amazon
  • Kendall Charcoal Paint by Benjamin Moore = $70
  • Two Side Tables / Night Stands = $50 from Facebook Marketplace
  • Antique Mirror = $40. — this didn’t happen! I got stood up on Facebook Marketplace!
  • $60 spent on mirror at Lowe’s instead
  • $80 spent a Target (included gold pineapple, journal book, lamps, towels)


Total spent $553 (goal was to only spend $500).  Not too bad, sticking to the $500 took a LOT of diligence, especially since a mattress took up a big chunk of the budget. And I could have saved $20 with my Facebook purchase, but, oh well! 

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Thanks so much for following me on this journey! It feels so good to have this room ready for the holidays. And thanks so much to the #oneroomchallenge or #bhgorc for hosting! Be sure to follow along on the rest of our budget home remodel on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and all of my social media channels.

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  1. Nancy Davies says:

    What a beautiful room. No wonder it is in hot demand!!

    1. Thanks Nancy! It’s been booked for the last two weekends. Love having house guests now, we never could do that in our last house.

  2. Teresa Clanton says:

    That is really inviting room! I think I could sleep away in there. Beautiful

  3. Kamille Vee says:

    I could stay there like forever. Such a very beautiful room!

    1. Jeanette, DIY Blog says:

      Thanks Jan! :)