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Ikea Ektorp Line is Discontinued

This post was originally named “5 Reasons to LOVE Ektorp Couches”. But in the fall of 2020 the line was discontinued. If you can snag a few couches and slipcovers now would be a great time to buy! With its classic design and inexpensive slipcovers in a variety of colors, I understand why the Ektorp line at Ikea seems to be all the rage among bloggers and interior decorators everywhere.

Confirmed! The Ektorp model in this article is being discontinued, but a similar version (with a new name) is rolling out in 2021! Deeper seating, taller and a different size.

Spring Sunroom Tour Full View of Deerhead

It probably seems counter-intuitive to have white slipcovered couches if you’re aiming for a clean house.  But let me explain what the fuss is all about!

5 Reasons to LOVE Ikea Ektorp Furniture

Reason #1:  Cheap replacement slipcovers

This is a HUGE bonus. Ikea slipcovers cost less than the one I tried to sew for my Arhaus sofa (mind you, Arhaus charged thousands for a replacement!) There are hundreds of blogger testimonials on how to care for your white Ikea slipcover. But, I love the idea of not being stuck with the same-old-same old, and can change looks throughout the season. Not only can I purchase a variety of new slipcovers for $199 or less at any Ikea store when I visit, but I can easily order from Ikea’s store online at Amazon for approximately the same price I’d pay in a store.  During the winter, I’m hoping to see some velvet style slipcovers online, too.

Here is a glimpse of what you’ll find on Amazon:

5 Reasons to Love Ikea Ektorp Couches Slipcovers on Amazon

Reason #2:  It’s a classic!

This style of sofa represents classic and casual comfort, and fits almost every design motif. Once you start looking around, you’ll start noticing these style couches everywhere (in every color).  Even Chip & JoAnna Gaines use Ektorps in their own home as well as the remodels for their show.

The Farmhouse
Custom Velvet Sofa Cover - Ektorp 3 seater
waterfront house calvert

Reason #3:  The base frame is inexpensive

These couches are SO affordable, and well-made. In my case, I was lucky enough to find a floor model so I bought it at a reduced price. (Normally priced at $350) — the display was only $240 which was even less than the loveseat. The Ikea employee told me that they rotate out their floor models about every 3-4 months. So I realize this isn’t the “norm” but just a tip to be on the lookout in the clearance section before you leave.

5 Reasons to Love Ikea Ektorp Couches Receipt

Reason #4:  Easy to haul and assemble (or reassemble)

Ikea couches actually come in a couple of boxes. In my case, I was able to haul each couch (in my Chevy SUV).  In the photo below, I’m actually hauling the “floor sample” which came without a box, I drove it from Detroit to Cleveland :).  FYI, my 16-year-old has become an Ikea assembly expert. The base frame was very easy to put together, and if we need to move it into tight quarters, we can always disassemble it and reconstruct it in a new space.

My Ikea Ektorp Sofa Haul

#5:  Easy to Clean

I don’t mind cleaning a white couch. A dark colored couch — while it hides dirt — seems a bit unsanitary after awhile. I love that I can throw my slipcovers into the washing machine — it’s and an added bonus that the white slipcover is bleach-friendly. I understand that to some, removing a slipcover seems like a lot of work…but I love how clean our family room feels once the slipcovers run through the sanitary cycle in the wash. So as couches go, this one is very user-friendly.

Ikea Ektorp Couches Summer Home Tour 2016

Prior to owning an Ektorp I owned a very expensive Arhaus couch with a slipcover. The cost was $2500 and served us well, but the slipcover replacement represents one of my biggest DIY frustrations to-date. The couch was discontinued and I had to sew my own slipcover which I’m struggling to finish. So I sold the couch for $100 on Facebook marketplace.

So, have you hitched your wagon to the Ektorp movement? No regrets here!

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  1. Su Gardner says:

    I have the Ektorp love seat and 2 chairs and ottoman in my living room and I LOVE them!!! We had leather because my hubby always said it was easier with the hair from two dogs (boxers). Like you, I never, never, NEVER have liked leather!! When my hubby passed away last year, one of the first things I did was get rid of the leather and order all my Ektorp… in white. (sounds kind of “cold-hearted” doesn’t it… but it really wasn’t. HE loved his leather and he passed away in the living room with Hospice, so I NEEDED to purge what was in there for my healing) Anyway… not only are they a breeze to wash, but any dog hair easily comes RIGHT OFF with the vacuum!!

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s passing. I do understand your need for having a fresh start. I’m so happy to hear that you love your Ektorps, after just a few months ours have had their first washing and they’re as good as new!

  2. I’m sitting on one of my two Ektorp loveseats while reading your blog!! The slipcovers are in the washer as I’m typing. I really, really wanted the white slipcovers but with 2 dogs and a cat, decided that the beige may be a better fit. The minute we got them put together, I was thrilled, to say the least. We live on a little over an acre and there is LOTS of mud in the winter which one doggy loves to dig in. I was a bit worried about getting it out of the white covers. I do love the beige though and it gave me an excuse to buy new toss pillows and drapes for my living rm. too! Love my Ektorp!! Love your blog!!

    1. Jeanette, DIY Blog SnazzyLittleThings.com says:

      Over the years we’ve kept up with the white but now we’re ready for something different. We may move the white to the basement and change the covers to exactly what you have — love that color too! Thanks for following along with my blog, I’m glad you’re here :)