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4 Simple Ways to Update Your Guest Bath

It may not be the master bathroom where you relax, nor is it the kids’ bathroom where your little ones hop in the tub, but the guest bath (or powder room) is still an important place in your home. It’s the one your friends and family will use when they come by for a visit, so you want it to be just as nice as your main bathrooms in your home.

It can be easy to let such a small space fall by the wayside when you start decorating your house. However, a few easy upgrades can turn your downstairs bathroom into just as nice of a room as the ones you’ve already taken care of upstairs. Here are four ideas for giving your powder room a bit of flair.

4 Easy Guest Bathroom Updates

1. Whip Out the Paintbrush

One of the easiest ways to change your bathroom’s appearance is to paint it.

A small powder room will look completely different if the walls go from builder grade beige to just about any other color. Because the space is so small, you can choose something bolder than you’d put in a normal-sized room or bathroom: everyone knows powder rooms or small, so conventional wisdom about colors and room sizes simply does not apply.

You can also give your bathroom a fresh appearance by repainting the cabinetry. An outdated wood vanity will look completely modernized with a slick of white paint, for example. Combining freshly painted walls with a freshly painted vanity is a weekend project that will completely transform your powder room.

2. Update the Hardware

This especially applies to your vanity, which may have outdated fixtures (along with the aforementioned outdated wood finishes). After you re-paint the walls and furniture, top it all off with new hardware that’s just as modern as your paint choices.


You’ll want to make sure the metal finish you choose looks good, but can also withstand the frequency of use that comes to a well-trafficked bathroom. Iron hardware is a great choice for bathrooms because it’s extremely durable and long lasting, and its dark color is a great modern neutral.

3. Choose Popping Prints

Logic would tell you to pick up a set of matching hand towels all in the same color for your downstairs bathroom. But you should have some fun with your linens — as well as with your curtains and rug, if you have space for those — in order to really make your downstairs bathroom pop.

This is especially true if you’ve chosen a more neutral wall color, because the logic of something being “too much” for a small space doesn’t apply to your powder room. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you might even want to forego fun linens for a wild wallpaper print or textured wall treatment to make the space even more unique.

4. Splurge on One Accent

There’s a theme when it comes to adding flair to your downstairs bathroom, and you’ve probably already picked up on it: don’t be afraid to do something bold. As you finish up your bathroom makeover, you might realize that you’re still missing that pop — perhaps you went with neutral linens or a safe wall color. You can still make things special with the right accent piece.

Perhaps you have a run-of-the-mill rectangular mirror. You can give your entire powder room a new focus by swapping it out for a mirror with an ornate metallic frame or a mirror with an eye-catching shape.

The same goes for the artwork you hang above your toilet, the plain light fixture dangling from the ceiling… one big splurge on a unique accent will make the place feel brand new.

You can also consider splurging on the materials you use if you’re going to fully renovate your bathroom. It’s a small space, so a fancier countertop material, for example, won’t break the bank like it would in your kitchen.

Now, Give It Some Flair!

These are just four over-arching ideas of what you can do to make your downstairs bathroom special. It’s up to you to personalize them to your style — how bold you’re willing to go will be up to you entirely. No matter what, the finished product will be sure to make an impression on your guests who have the chance to use your powder room, and there’s not much more you can ask as a host and homeowner.

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  1. Loved all the ideas! Gonna update not only the guest bathroom, but my own too!