5 Tips For Staging Your Home This Fall

Staging your home can help you sell it a lot faster, so you need to make sure you do it well when you do it. Have a look at five tips below on how you can successfully stage your home this fall, and implement them to experience an easy and straightforward sale.

Install Modern Appliances

People enjoy a chic, modern house, and so if you upgrade the appliances in your home, you will have an easier time selling. This especially applies to the kitchen, bathroom, and lounge areas, where you can have modern cookers, shower systems, and provisions for a home entertainment system. The largest part of the powder coating market is taken up by the appliance industry, which takes about a third of all powder coated industrial parts. Keep this fact in mind when shopping for upgrades for your appliances, and make sure to get durable ones that will leave your home looking every bit worth your asking price.

Improve The Curb Appeal

Curb appeal carries a lot of weight when selling a home because it sets the standards that can be expected throughout the home. To make sure that viewers walk in feeling confident about finding great taste and decor inside, get a professional to help you get your curb in shape. This could be a landscape contractor if you want the whole area worked on, or a professional gardener if you want to make a statement with the garden. Look for complementary ideas online, and execute those that you feel will match your home for a picture-worthy upgrade.

Work on The Kitchen

As mentioned, the kitchen is one of the spaces that can make or break your sale to potential buyers. Take time to set it up so it looks chic and inviting, and you will have people picturing themselves enjoying the conveniences it has to offer. Upgrade the trimmings, cabinets, appliances, and even countertops. With 62% of the millennial home buyers surveyed recently by the National Association of Home Builders stating that they prefer natural stone or granite countertops, you have your job cut out for you. This is a great idea of something that buyers will likely be happy about.

Use Appealing, Seasonal Scents

The fall has a lot of signature pleasant aromas, from cinnamon to apples. Burn some scented candles or place a pot of apple cider to simmer on the stove before visitors check-in. Doing this will make sure the house smells amazing, warm, and inviting, something that will provide you with an easy time while showing your house around thanks to the wholesome appeal that fall scents have to people in general. You could also place flowers in season around the house for a natural and calm scent that’s accompanied by the amazing aesthetic that only fresh flowers can provide.

Add Some Display Shelves

Finally, consider adding some display shelves around the house if you don’t already have some. These will come in handy for displaying things like trophies, medals, and even collectors’ items like car replicas. People who are enthusiastic about something will enjoy having it displayed around the house, so provide this opportunity for them. Make it possible to place snippets of facts alongside the item on display, or provide an interesting back story like Shelby’s original AC Cobras being designed to be ‘Corvette-Beaters,’ though they weighed roughly 500 pounds less than the Chevrolet Corvette.

Staging your home during the fall provides a great opportunity to make a lasting impression on people viewing your home. Try out the five suggestions outlined above and you will be sure to notice an improvement in the positive call-backs you get from people who want a chance to own your home.

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