Sparse Charlie Brown Christmas Trees

Best Christmas Trees for Vintage Lovers


Light and airy Christmas trees offer a simple yet elegant nod to the holidays without overpowering a room. If you have limited storage and you’re looking to downsize your artificial tree (like I am) here are a few trees that have that beautiful, elegant, vintage look that I love.

Credit: Balsam Hill

I am a portrait and wedding photographer, and I even used my unlit trees in my holiday mini-sessions and they totally passed for real trees. I decorated them minimally except for faux puffy snow, and they created a realistic tree-farm look.

Sparse Christmas Trees That Look Real
I created this setup using two Fraser Hill 9′ tree, a 6′ tree from Amazon, and finally my favorite 7′ tree from King of Christmas.

I’ve noticed the popularity of “sparse” Christmas has grown over the last few years and here are a few reasons I personally love them.

4 Reasons to Love Sparse Christmas Trees

4 Reasons to LOVE Sparse Trees

  1. Allows more light in your room
  2. Easier to store
  3. Unlit versions are lighter weight & last longer
  4. Offers a vintage, Dickens-style appeal
  5. More space to hang ornaments

I love the look of a flocked tree, but not the mess, so I’m leaning toward a simpler-looking holiday. “Aspen” or “Fir” trees fit this sparser tree category. You can also search for “sparse” Christmas trees and find a good variety online. Because of allergies, I can only have artificial trees so that’s what’s included in today’s post.

My challenge with prelit trees // Prelit trees have failed me over the years. Not only do they make the tree much heavier and difficult for me to move, when one light fails the whole branch fails. I cut over 1,000 lights off of our broken ‘prelit’ tree a few years ago. So I’ve been on a quest to find the perfect, (unlit) sparse tree. One that is easier for me to manage.

Affordable Christmas Trees That Look Real

Below are a few affordable options, including lit, and unlit trees! Unlit trees are a bit harder to find, but I’m noticing there is more of a selection this year. Maybe people are experiencing the same issues I have with the lights burning out.

Soon I’ll share our exterior and front porch, but may change a few things this year, including putting wreaths on our windows. Stay tuned for that post!

As tree styles evolve and change, I’ll update this post each year with my new favorites! Happy decorating!

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