Consider Building a Jewelry Organizer During a Master Bedroom Renovation

Most modern women will have plenty of jewelry, accessories, and makeup that they use to accentuate their outfits. It’s a good idea to keep them well-organized so that you can reach them easily when you need them and also have them looking good at all times. Read on to see some considerations you should make when building a jewelry organizer while renovating your master bedroom.

Make Sure it’s the Perfect Size

You know how much jewelry and makeup you have, so make sure that your organizer is the perfect size for your needs. You may have decided on a remodel if your house is part of the roughly 80% of houses that are at least 20 years old in the United States. Whatever the reason for the remodel is, take advantage of it and get the right storage for your accessories so that you don’t need to spend a lot of money afterward buying storage boxes.

Even if you still want to buy the jewelry storage boxes, it will be great to have a specific area in which they can sit and be easy to access. Shop for the pieces you intend to use before you start working on the actual remodel so that you can get custom-made spaces that will fit them perfectly and minimize the feeling of store-bought storage.

Use the Right Design

Make sure to also go for a design that will work well with your remodel and will match everything while being neat and tidy. Look for inspiration online and in magazines so you have a good idea of what you can do. When it comes down to it, work with the right contractor who will know exactly what to do and will translate your vision perfectly. Doing this will make your organizer a lot more attractive to you; plus, it will feel like a great investment.

After remodeling, the National Association of Realtors shares that 74% of homeowners want to be in their home a lot more. This holds true if you get the perfect space in which it’s easy to store your jewelry and accessories, displaying them beautifully. Pick the best color to accentuate the specific pieces you store in the organizer and you will enjoy the natural way in which you can find your jewelry.

Use Good Materials

Don’t ignore the importance of the material you use to make your jewelry organizer. It should be strong and durable but also aesthetically pleasing. Seek advice from professional interior designers who have experience with similar projects so you can make an informed decision. What you get should essentially work to look good and be easy for you to use, helping keep the items you store inside of it and on it in good condition.

If you want to make the jewelry organizer perfect for certain pieces of jewelry, especially rings, you should make sure that each piece fits you right. For instance, for rings, you can tell that one is too large if it easily swivels 360 degrees when you have it on each time you move your hand. This is especially true for people who don’t have large knuckles. Sizing your jewelry right will enable you to get custom storage that you wouldn’t have been able to get from a store in ready-made form.

These three considerations show you just how easy it can be to build a space that’s dedicated to jewelry organization during your master bedroom remodel. Take time to plan for it and research widely so that you know all the options available to you. This way, you won’t be left with any regrets once the renovation has been done and start to long for something that you could have included but didn’t.

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