Home Improvement Tips That’ll Prevent Break-Ins

The security of your home should be a top priority, so if you’re thinking about making improvements, start with ones involving security. Prevention is best, and you will be glad you took measures at a good time instead of waiting to improve security at a crucial time, like when you’re planning on taking a vacation.

Have a look at these home improvement tips that can help you prevent break-ins below.

Install Outdoor Lighting

A well-lit house will deter many burglars from attempting to break into your house because of the increased risk of being spotted. It should not even cost a lot, as a light on each face of your house and a few in your yard will eliminate dark hiding spots. You can even install motion-sensor-controlled lights that turn on when something sets them off from a certain distance away. In 2018, many homeowners spent amounts ranging between $5,000 and $10,000 to improve their homes. Lighting up your exterior may not cost this much, but it will make a big difference for sure.

Keep Your Yard Manicured

A well-manicured yard means that there are no overgrown bushes near the house where potential criminals can hide. Trim any bushes growing around your house to make sure there’s minimal cover for people with ill intentions. As mentioned, when there’s a bigger risk of being spotted trying to break into your house, a majority of burglars are going to be put off and go looking for an easier target.

Always Lock The Windows and Doors

More than 95% of home invasions need a forceful entry. Therefore, while this seems like a straightforward way of keeping criminals out of your house, some people forget or neglect to lock their doors and windows when they leave. This may be due to the sense of security thanks to not having heard of a break-in in your area, but you should not leave anything to chance. Install reliable locks on your doors and windows to make sure that even if someone tries to get into your house and steal your belongings, they won’t have an easy time.

Keep Your Compound Neat and Alive

If you plan on going away on vacation for a while, it’s important to make sure your house shows signs of life. An abandoned-looking house will beckon burglars to try their luck, as they know there’s a smaller chance of someone walking in on them. Installing a nook for newspapers and mail that’s out of sight from the street will help keep your compound clear of overpouring mail and newspapers littering the lawn. If you can have a friend or neighbor check in on your house every now and then, this will help keep your compound looking occupied and active.

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are a great crime deterrent, as their mere existence makes would-be criminals think twice about breaking and entering. With the crime of home invasion carrying a potential maximum penalty of 20 years in prison in Michigan, very few people, if any, will be willing to risk being caught committing the crime. Let your next home improvement be installing security cameras that can be monitored even from work via the internet and you will have more peace of mind whenever you leave the house.

Rather than leaving things to chance, take control of the security of your house and set up security measures that will have you live peacefully. The time and money you spend on securing your home will more than pay for itself when you are able to enjoy every moment, whether at home or away, without the fear of being the victim of a break-in lingering in your mind.

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