Tips For Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

You desire for your home to be the envy of the block. It would be the ultimate success story for your neighbors to try to imitate your lawn and exterior portions of your house. Curb appeal is the only way to get them to take note of your home long enough to mimic what you have done. Here are some tips for improving your house’s curb appeal.

Keep Your Lawn Well Maintained

About 90% of Americans prefer to live in homes with grass lawns. They do not, however, want those lawns to be brown and trampled upon.

The best way to catch the attention of your neighbors in a positive light is to consistently present a grass lawn that is manicured well. Consider hiring a professional gardener to cultivate your lawn, so you do not have to commit hours to the process.

Most gardeners have tricks that keep your grass green and healthy. You would not have the time to implement these tactics on your own.

Make Your Front Door Stand Out

There is little better than a manicured lawn coupled with a new door that stands out. Consider painting your front door a bold color that draws in the outsider while also enhancing the color of your home along with the windows.

You may want to consider upgrading your windows, if they are old, before making your front door stand out. Remember that the idea is to create a positive curb appeal. You do not want the neighbors to look at your new door with its bold color and comment on how you should have thought to replace your windows as well.

Install New Siding

Most siding installations can withstand winds up to 110 mph. Those vinyl panels that do fall apart under pressure are easily repairable.

Siding may be just the thing that gives your home the new look that improves your curb appeal. A professional can likely install the addition within a matter of hours. Some homeowners even learn enough of siding installation to complete the project themselves. Your choice to do it yourself or go the professional route largely depends on your level of patience.

Focus on Lighting

You do not have to automatically buy new lights to improve your curb appeal at night. Many homeowners find that they have enough lighting in their yard to make an impact.

Clean the light fixtures in your front yard before looking for new lights. Upgrading to fixtures that bolster a certain theme you are trying to convey is a good idea only if you have thoroughly considered the atmosphere you want to create.

You run the risk of adding too much to a yard when you purchase lights for the sake of just having illumination. Remember that curb appeal is about more than simply drawing attention to your home. You want the right kind of attention.

Keep Bird Houses and Baths Away From Your Home

There is nothing wrong with wanting to give back to nature. You may not, however, want to have birdhouses near the front of your house.

Pigeon droppings lead to the deterioration of buildings and increase the cost of maintenance. Large amounts of droppings may even kill vegetation, which leads to an undesirable appeal and odor. Surprisingly enough, it does not take many pigeons to produce such a drastic result. A flock of only 100 pigeons can produce up to 4,800 pounds of guano, annually.

Keeping bird poop away is a matter of strategizing when you want to have birdhouses on your property. It may be a good idea to attach these living spaces for birds to a patio in the backyard.

Your home can indeed be the positive talk of the town. Use these tips to improve curb appeal.

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