7 Reasons Your Garage Needs Revamping

There are many good reasons to revamp your garage. Some of the reasons are to protect your car, increase the value of your home, provide a workshop for projects, improve the garage door safety, upgrade the floor, store equipment and organize the layout. Only 11% of homeowners say they are happy with their garage and would not do any renovations. That means 89% aren’t happy with it. This could mean your garage is in need of a makeover. Remodeling your garage should involve asking yourself the following question: Does the garage help or hinder the home we live in? Whether you remodel part or the whole garage, you want to aim to organize it better and make it safer.

Protect Your Car

Over three million drivers are injured in car accidents every year. Remodeling your garage will keep your car safe for daily use. The weather can cause rust on the car body, low tires, problems starting the car, and in the winter dealing with cold temperatures. In the garage, your car will be dry and start up without problems on those cold winter mornings. The shade in the summer will keep the temperature down in the summer. Some garages have air conditioning and heating because homeowners use them as workshops. This protects you and the car from bad weather.

Increases The Value of Your Home

A garage upgrade will increase the value of your home and make your home more energy-efficient. Buyers like the convenience of buying a home with a garage and it is a big selling factor. It gives you more storage space and makes it easier to complete the project. It can be a good place to store tools, bikes, gardening equipment, and materials for hobbies. Overall, this adds to the value of your home.

Provides A Workshop For Hobbies and Projects

The garage can be a place to work on your car or hobby car. You can store tools and equipment in a safe dry place and work on the car in all types of weather. Perhaps you have a hobby like woodworking or making stained glass where you need a workshop to do the work. In the garage, you can organize a special area for this with storage, work area, and supplies. You can work all year round on your projects. The garage can be used for arts and crafts, potting plants, and even entertainment.

Improve Garage Door Safety

It might be time for you to update your garage door opener. New garage door openers use 75% less power than new ones and save electricity. Your garage door may need to be fixed due to worn springs, cables, and pulleys. Perhaps a whole new garage door system will make the garage safer. Learn to use the remote controls in the garage safely. Do not leave the remote controls in the car outside, as they are often stolen and homes are broken into. Keep remotes away from your children.

Upgrade The Garage Floor

Garage floors can deteriorate and have peeling layers, cracks, stains, grease, and chips. Water may come in with the vehicle you drive, leaving a puddle of water that freezes in winter, causing damage to the floor. A new floor with a coating that protects it is a good investment in upgrading your garage. There are a few recommendations from professionals. You can install polished concrete floors or an epoxy coating over the concrete or stone floor that is tough and protects the floor. These are the two most popular options.

Store Equipment For Home Maintenance

Your garage can be a place to store your snowblower for the winter, bikes, tools, and other equipment. You can store tools in cabinets and toolboxes with drawers, shelves, and empty spaces. Installing shelves can be a handy place to store equipment that you need. You can install hooks for hand tools and bikes and get them out of the way. A garage is a good place to recycle garbage and organize it and keep some cleaning equipment.

Organize This Space

Buying cabinets, shelves, tool boxes, hooks, and installing them will help you organize your garage for your home. Planning and talking with professionals will help you get the equipment that is right for you. Your organization will depend on how you want to use the garage. Perhaps you will want a work table or desk, special cabinets for storage, hanging racks, hooks, and other organizational tools. Planning will help you achieve what you want.

Improving your garage will give you more space to store things and help you to organize your home more efficiently. Think about making some changes this year.

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