Easy Wicker Basket Makeover

Wicker baskets are aplenty at thrift stores, but it’s rare that I find one that I love. When I came across this particular basket, it was in great shape (and huge) and I knew a little paint could fix it. So into my cart it fell, and I was on my way to a quick and easy wicker basket makeover project.

Wicker Basket Makeover

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Wicker Basket Makeover Before Paint

This week I was looking for items that bring more texture in our booth display. Any decor that brings more visual interest, warmth and coziness. This basket was perfect! When I brought the basket home, I vacuumed and wiped it down with a wet cloth. Let it dry over night, then then took it outside.

I used Krylon chalky finish paint that comes in a spray can in the color “Mink”. It’s more of a brown-gray instead of the cold grays we normally see. I used two cans to get full coverage. Be sure to flip your basket and spray all sides to ensure you get all the exposed nooks and crannies fully covered.

Wicker Basket Makeover Spray Paint In Process

I didn’t distress it, just sprayed a matte polyurethane to protect the finish. Then affixed this chalkboard label (found at Hobby Lobby)

Wicker Basket Makeover with Chalk Paint After Photo

Sometimes when I buy things at an antique or thrift store, I lay it out to help me visualize how it fits into it’s surroundings. All of our mini-DIY efforts (like this basket makeover) is starting to look cohesive with the rest of our haul. The theme that’s emerging is texture, greens, gray and some glass is the theme that’s developing for our booth — all made from repurposed thrift store items.

curated vintage items for our booth

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Wicker Basket Makeover Final Reveal with Rug

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  1. Love the basket makeover. I, too, love baskets.

  2. Teresa Salvia says:

    I can’t wait to see your booth all set up. If I lived closer I would definitely stop by!

    1. Thank you! We have some good things in the works, the booth may change dramatically. Will keep you posted!

  3. Love the updated basket and the little sign really makes it perfect.

    1. Thank you, it really is cute. It sold right away…I almost never find baskets this pretty at a thrift store so it was a lucky find!

  4. Emma Lou Gilkey says:

    I need to paint a wicker chest ( it’s stained brown ), but live in an apt. so no spray paint. Can you help?
    I would love gray undertones with chalky white finish.
    Thank you so much……
    Emma Lou