Tim Burton Themed Pumpkins

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A couple of years ago, we had a Halloween party…


I carved out some Tim Burton themed pumpkins and they were such a big hit!  This was all before the blog began…

Tim Burton Themed Pumpkins

I posted the picture on Pinterest, and several people started to email me and ask where I found the patterns. For the life of me I couldn’t find the original templates, but FINALLY–I found them! I have to say I was very proud of these at the time, but I recall my hand cramping severely when I finally got to Jack Skellington.   Download the templates here:   Sally (Template)    Jack Skellington (Template)    Zero the Dog (Template)    tim burton themed pumpkins

  __________   Another amazing Fall Tour is taking place!    I also wanted to share some more creations from some awesome DIY & craft bloggers that I consider my friends. We met in Atlanta, and evolved from a “lunch bunch” one day…to being inseparable by the end of the conference. I hope you love their creations as much as I do!


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