1st floor master bedroom round art

3 Ideas to Cozy Up Your Bedroom

The bedroom is arguably the most important room in the house, but often the most neglected. You need a space that is restful, pleasant to be in; a place where you can wind down and feel energized the next day. There may be a multitude of reasons your bedroom aesthetic isn’t working, but in this post, we’ll share three common issues. 

3 Reasons Your Bedroom Aesthetic Isn’t Working

Bedroom decor can be tough to get right. I know we have been struggling to make our bedroom cozy with one of us ending up on the couch. Adult bedrooms often serve multiple purposes: a place to work, a place to relax, a place to energize. If you have always struggled with this space (like we have), then it’s worth checking thinking through some of the most basic culprits that could be ruining your space. 

1) Check the Mattress

A sagging bed

Nice and minimal, but the bed ruins it.


We all want the kind of bed that you see in homes and decor magazines; crisp clean lines, tight sheets, and the perfect number of pillows. If you have never managed to pull off this look at home, it might be time to update your mattress. 

A mattress that is more than three years old is likely due for replacement. The constant pressure will have lead to the mattress sagging, meaning that no matter how crisp your hospital corners are, you’re never going to be able to create the straight, clean lines that you want. If you want to stop the sag, you need a new mattress; browse your options at Mattress-Guides.net for more information on what kind of replacement might suit your needs.

2) Clear the clutter, including excess decor

Bedrooms already tend to become the dumping ground of laundry and rogue items in the home. But a busy aesthetic and too many decorative pieces can only add to the chaos. As a general rule, bedrooms require as much clear space as possible. Introducing too much clutter, even if it is pretty and decorative clutter, into the room can create a feeling of mess and untidiness.

1st floor master bedroom round art

Some basic rules to Feng Shui your bedroom include making your bed easily approachable from both sides, to have two night stands on either side of the bed and to ensure your bed is not directly in line with the door. And even more important, eliminate under-bed storage if at all possible. 

3) Add texture

a bedroom that lacks texture
Harsh lines = not a very cozy bedroom

One of the easiest ways to improve your bedroom design is the use of lots of texture. A bedroom should be a soft and comfortable room. Even sparsely decorated nordic style has nailed the cozy bedroom aesthetic. Clever use of texture to helps to disguise some of the unpleasant lines of those unpractical-but-necessary pieces of furniture.

A great way to add texture is to add cozy throws, baskets for pillows, and of course a rug. A rug across the foot of the bed anchors the room, while light blocking curtains can soften the harsh lines of the windows.  You can also use fluffy cushions or shaggy bed throws to add a little more texture to the room, helping to soften the harshness of the furniture, and make the room feel cozy and sumptuous. Don’t forget to bring in nature, like a plants or natural wood elements. If you want to add even more texture, there are some great tips to take advantage of on ApartmentTherapy.com.

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