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Corner Fireplace Mantel


Our corner fireplace mantel made sense out of an awkward corner and made our bedroom so much cozier. We built ours using a kit, but expanded the shelving above the mantel. You can choose an affordable mantel kit here!

Corner Fireplace Mantel Installation using a kit. We built our own shelving to house the tv
Our bedroom isn’t completely finished we are still working on small updates. Subscribe to our blog to follow along, or stop by Facebook or Instagram and say “hi”.  Everything here is a work in progress :)

Our master bedroom has always been a bit of a challenge to decorate. It’s a 20′ x 20′ square space with two windows on one side of the room. After our not-so-square furniture was placed in the room, we had some fairly awkward corners to deal with. There is one corner in particular that I considered dead space; one where none of our existing furniture would fit — so we installed a DIY corner fireplace mantel.

DIY Corner Fireplace Mantel

First off, my husband is a huge TV watcher, I, however, am not. One thing I’ve learned after living in an open concept home with kids is that it’s 100% impossible to watch shows like “Breaking Bad” and expect any privacy. :)

Bedroom Corner Before
Master Bedroom: The bath is immediately to the left. Once the TV was installed, I struggled to find any furniture that made sense in this corner, but I knew there had to be a way to make it pretty.

The compromise was to install a TV in our room. But it looked pretty lonesome in the corner.

For $100 we purchased a DIY corner fireplace mantel “kit” at a local Habitat for Humanity ReStore in the surplus building supply department. If you don’t have a ReStore near you, there are several mantel kits available online that are so beautiful!

We followed the kit instructions and installed it. For a long time, this is how the corner looked.

This project was all about adding ambiance in the master suite. I’m sure it adds value to our home, or at the very least, it would differentiate our home if it were ever on the market. (Update! We since sold this house and received multiple offers! So our plan worked!) If we do install a fireplace, we would take the appropriate precautions and rip out the carpet and install a heat-proof hearth of some sort. We’ll cross that bridge when or if the time comes :)

After awhile, I felt like we could make better use of the space vertically. So for about another $100, this is what we did…

…we framed the TV in and made it appear as if it were a single unit. First we built a corner shelving unit to sit on top of the mantel.

DIY Corner Fireplace Mantel Shelf Build

Mark made a frame that was cut perfectly to fit the angle of the wall and cover all of the unfinished, exposed wood.

DIY Corner Fireplace Mantel framing it in
Mr. Snazzy is such a smarty-droopy pants. ;-)

Having recessed shelving made it possible to actually place taller items on the mantel. I found these inexpensive buffet lamps from Kirkland’s which are the perfect size.

DIY Corner Fireplace Mantel Reveal
Many have said we should have painted the cavity white behind the T.V. We left this to-do for the new owners of the house.

…and then, Buddy adopted it as his doghouse.

It may be a fireplace mantel, but in truth…we just built the world’s most beautiful dog house for Buddy. :)

We haven’t even attempted to install a heating unit because it’s working out just fine, for us and for Buddy. Buddy’s getting old now, so we want him to have as many comforts as possible. I think he’s having mini strokes, and is virtually deaf and blind. :(

We have no tutorial, but we’re happy to answer questions. The total cost was around $200 and was a perfect upgrade for how we use this space. By sharing it I hope it helps you with a “vision” if you’re ever faced with a dead corner in a room that needs a little prettying up.

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Come see the rest of our master bedroom, (the most neglected part of our house).

Master Bedroom Beautiful Day Art Cover

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  1. The last photo is the best photo! Love the new dog house. We can also relate to the popular series that are less than family friendly. We do love the new series The Crown! The British make everything sound smarter! ha!

  2. Linda Manuel says:

    Absolutely love this idea and, of course, it’s ultimate use. Buddy just tops the area off perfectly!

    1. Really like the fireplace/shelf unit I would love to incorporate that into our bedroom good idea Buddy had to use it as his sleeping quarters 😊

  3. Does every restore supply this? Thank you

    1. I’m not sure – so I would call before you go, there is another ReStore in my area and there were none in that location so it may vary by location. We may just need to provide build plans for this particular project.

  4. Linda murden says:

    Love pictures over bed of its a beautiful day. Know where to purchase

  5. What a great idea. Looks great! Love that your pup can use it as a cozy corner too. The screen adds a nice touch.

    1. Thanks so much, he sleeps there every night!

        1. Thanks so much Jody!

  6. Carmela McCaugherty says:

    1st sorry about Buddy, I have 2 dogs n 6 cats n 1 bird so I know ur having a hard time I luv my animals like they were my kids. I luv what u did with the bedroom I also have a square bedroom myself in going 2 try that myself n I’m sure my animals will do the same thing lol. Good luck with everything n hug buddy 4 me 😊

  7. Katy DeMoura says:

    This is beautiful!! Do you know what company actually made the DIY kit?