Home Decluttering Tips

Having a clean home that’s free of clutter is an amazing thing as it will help improve the aesthetics and feel of the space. Because of this, here are some tips to help you declutter your home and enjoy a fresher and lighter-feeling home.

Intentify Problem Areas

The first thing you should do is to identify which areas in your home are troublesome and the most prone to clutter. Doing this will enable you to know where to start in order to succeed in your mission. With one out of two Americans admitting to having a problem with clutter and up to 25% of those with two-car garages lacking room inside to park a car, clutter is clearly a widespread issue. Finding out where you’re most likely to clutter the most will make it possible to map out a plan to declutter.

Set Goals

Decluttering your home may seem like an insurmountable task, but it’s one you can succeed in by setting goals. Make sure that they’re reasonable so you don’t fail and end up having a harder time getting anything done while you had set to do it. Set goals like cleaning up a certain space each week or giving away half a trash bag of items you don’t need every so often. Once you start to see that it’s possible to get it done, you will have an easier time completing the task.

Start Sorting

To make your efforts at decluttering successful, you need to come up with a sorting method. You may choose to try with a few boxes, keeping certain items grouped specifically. For example, put together items you can sell, those you have to throw away, and those you want to donate. Alternatively, set aside electrical items from other materials so that you have an easier time getting them stored well. With research showing that about 60% of people shut their doors so that any guests they have don’t see the clutter, dust, and dirt in their homes, you can enjoy being more at ease whenever you entertain.

Donate What You Don’t Need

While every item in your home will have a story attached to it, this is the only reason some things stay on for long and end up becoming cluttered. Avoid this scenario by donating things you no longer need or don’t use. When you do this, the items will find a new home and be put to use as they were intended to be. You will also reduce the clutter by a lot and it will become a standard that you don’t have a hard time keeping soon enough.

Document Your Progress

Finally, if you’re having a hard time decluttering your home and don’t feel motivated to do it, document your progress. Do this by taking before and after pictures of a specific area so you can see the change and get inspired to do more. With more than 45,000 electrical fires in homes in the United States every year, it’s clearly important to keep the home decluttered so you can improve your safety in case of an electrical fire at your home or even minimize the chances of one happening.

Use the tips above to declutter your home and enjoy what will feel like a brand new home. Don’t hesitate to ask family and willing friends for help, as when the house looks and feels better, everyone will enjoy being in it. Don’t give up if you try and fail at it, keep a positive mindset and understand that you can get your home in a good state. When all is said and done, you will be happy with the progress and lessen the burden that your home bears.

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