How to Organize Your Children’s Bathroom the Right Way

The bathroom is a space that’s used a lot, especially if your house has kids, and it may seem like you’re cleaning it constantly. To help them stay a bit more orderly, you can start some organization that will provide straight lines that your children can follow. Have a look at these five ways in which you can get organized and get to work creating a space that everyone can be proud of.

Build a Pantry

A pantry is an important space to have because it provides a place to keep things safe and out of sight. These include towels, both clean and dirty ones, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other oral care accessories like braces and brace cleaners. Over 3.5 million American children and teenagers start to wear braces each year, so add space in the pantry where such items can be placed.

Install Wall Shelves

Wall shelves will always be part of any list for getting a space organized because of how they utilize vertical space. Make sure you use a material that’s waterproof or one that can be coated to save it from getting water damage. This will ensure that you have shelves that last you for a long time while helping you keep the bathroom neat and easy to organize. Pick a neutral color that will complement the rest of your bathroom and not stand out too much unless the space is large enough and you can incorporate the additional color into your overall plan.

Color-Code for Each Child’s Toiletry Items

Children love colors, so an easy way to make sure that there’s no confusion about which item is whose, you can color-code them. Ask each child which color they like and let them know that you will be getting them bathroom items in those colors. This would be a great way to have each child maintain their own items and avoid cross-contamination in case one child catches something infectious like a cold. With people in the United States getting around one billion colds every single year, it’s good to do what you can to ensure everyone in your home stays healthy.

Add Storage to the Shower

To make sure that every single item has its designated place, you should also add storage in the form of bins and cabinets or drawers. Go a step further and label each compartment in a fun way, using colorful, waterproof labels to make sure that everyone has an easy time finding what they need as well as putting away what they’re done with. You can even change these labels every now and then to keep things fresh and give your children something to look forward to.

Paint the Bathroom a Neutral Color

As mentioned before, neutral colors are going to be easy to work with, and they will also help the bathroom appear less congested. Find a color that your children like, as long as it’s mild, and paint their bathroom to give it a fresh, new look. You can save a lot of time by ordering your paint online, but take precautions so you only purchase from a reputable website. Anyone can fall victim to internet crime, which involves using the internet to communicate fraudulent or false information to customers, so do your due diligence to ensure you’re not ordering from a website that won’t ever deliver the paint you need!

Use the tips above to improve your children’s bathroom and get it in a good state, and everyone at home will have an easy time keeping it well-organized. When you conquer the bathroom, you will have conquered the home after all!

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