Pergo Flooring Dining Room Reveal

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Today I’m sharing my Pergo flooring dining room reveal, along with a few before and “in-progress” photos thrown in. 


Can I just say?? This might go down as my most favorite “before and after” transformation on the blog.

Last week we unveiled our kitchen floor as the first of many rooms that will go through this transformation. We still have about 3-4 more spaces to tackle as we continue replacing our entire first floor with Pergo. If you’re not a subscriber of my blog, be sure to sign up here to receive notifications each time I post. I have a feeling this new floor is going to inspire a brand new decorating style here at snazzy (and I suddenly like pink as witnessed in my centerpiece above!) No more all-neutral rooms for me!

The flooring we chose is from Pergo’s new Outlast+ line, and the color is Molasses Maple.

The dining room is rarely photographed here on my blog (often in the background but never a feature) and now I’ll never want to skip it again! We are in love with this new look.

Pergo Flooring Dining Room Reveal

We’ve become minimalists as we’ve moved furniture and prepped each room for this project. I’ve decluttered quite a bit as I reassemble rooms. My entire approach to decorating seems to be changing, too. The red tone in our previous floor was always a struggle for me. As I decorated, adding “pops of color” didn’t always work…and I found myself over-decorating to tie it all together.  The new Molasses Maple color works so much better in this space, and definitely amps up the drama. Brighter, colorful items will fit nicely in here.

You probably caught a glimpse of the dining area during my kitchen reveal.


Our goal is to eliminate old carpet and install one, continuous floor with no transitions. (A transition is that trim piece on the floor between rooms or different types of flooring). With an open concept home, Mark and I really wanted to make our rooms feel more open and connected, without transition pieces. Our previous floor was a combination of carpet and laminate, with lots of transitions, and it felt like a patchwork quilt.



Another benefit…the house feels so much cleaner. Maybe it’s just me celebrating the fact that we removed old flooring…but it’s a very real feeling to me. :)

Pergo Floor Molsasses Maple Before and After

The photo below gives you a better understanding of how life looks when you’re taking on a major DIY.

In progress, life can be a bit hectic.

We laid floor boards from left-to-right as seen in the photo above, at which point we could lay flooring up to our island. I’ve been tearing out our carpet, old transitions, and nails in partial sections. Doing it this way helped make our home more livable while taking a DIY of this magnitude.  I have also been vacuuming constantly just to keep any dust contained (especially any that was under the old carpet).

A few more in-progress photos…


We relocated the older laminate (we are always reusing or upcycling our very own building materials).  More on that in a future post.

The red floor that I was referring to, we removed that and moved it elsewhere in the house. Looking back, the color didn’t work well in this space. My daughter is helping us remove it one Saturday morning :)


If you’re new here, we are in the process of ripping and replacing our entire first floor carpet (and old flooring) with brand new Pergo Outlast+.  This DIY has totally transformed our home.

As we continue finishing off the remaining rooms, I’ll be popping in with live video updates, so be sure to follow me on all of my social media channels by clicking the “let’s connect” buttons under my picture on the right. I’m planning a Facebook Live, a YouTube walkthrough of my house and Instagram video to come!

Click to see the Pergo flooring kitchen project from the beginning  

Be sure to learn more about Pergo’s new Outlast+ line on their social media channels:

Facebook // Pinterest //  Instagram // Twitter

I received Pergo Outlast+ laminate flooring and accessories for my home free of charge to facilitate my review.


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  1. Annie Smolinski says:

    What color and brand of paint did you use on your dining room/house? You have an adorable website. One of the things I struggle with is I have all these different things and I don’t know how to put them all together to make them look nice. Maybe an idea for a future post? You don’t happen to live near Chattanoga TV do you? :)

  2. I didn’t see a response to the other person, but just wondering what brand and paint color you used in the foyer and dining room areas? I noticed in one of your articles that you mentioned choosing one with staying power and that you haven’t had to change yours in many years. Can you share the paint color you choose? Thanks so much!!

  3. Your new flooring is gorgeous! I know what you mean about the feeling of spaciousness that comes with having the same flooring running throughout.

    1. Jeanette, DIY Blog says:

      Yes it made a huge difference, but it was definitely more difficult to do ourselves. We’re hiring this project out the next time we do it!

  4. Would you mind sharing the paint color used in the dining room? I love it. Beautiful home you have. Thank you

  5. I also would like to know the brand and paint color you used. It is very pretty!

  6. Deb Giles-Ross says:

    What are the colors on your walls in kitchen, entrance and dining, living rooms. I absolutely love your home and decor choices!