Simple Gift Ideas for New Homeowners This Holiday Season

As the holiday season draws near, you’re likely to be stumped on what to get at least some of your friends and family as gifts. If some of them are new homeowners, it can be challenging to determine what they might need or want. Here are some simple gift ideas that any new homeowner would be happy to receive.

A Beautiful Bouquet

Some of the most touching gifts are simple ones that highlight the beauty of nature and last for a long time after they are given, like plants, wreaths, bouquets, and floral arrangements. A simple gesture like choosing a beautiful bouquet of fresh-cut flowers to bring your friends when you visit their new home can be well appreciated. Some 86% of people say that getting flowers as a gift makes them feel special. This might also be the easiest gift for you as the giver, as you can simply pop into a flower shop to get them.

A Personalized Welcome Mat

Help your loved ones make a house officially a home by ordering them a personalized welcome mat that incorporates the family name. Welcome mats have come a long way with multiple colors and styles available, so you can choose one that speaks to your friend’s sense of humor or style. You can choose a style that compliments the architectural style and decor of the home, like a monogram for a larger, formal style brick home, or a floral design for a colorful craftsman or bungalow. This will help set the mood for visitors before they even come in the front door.

A Decorative Placemat Set

Statistics on new homes show that 64% of them have granite countertops, which are lovely to look at and very functional in a family home that sees a lot of activity. If your friend or family member has moved into an older home instead of a new construction, they may have countertops that aren’t as durable. A nice set of decorative placemats helps preserve these counter surfaces and adds a touch of color to the home.

A Make-Your-Own-Dinner Gift Basket

Gift baskets are a fun way to offer a unique gift that centers around a theme, like game night or family dinner. Put together a customized gift basket that combines the needed ingredients for a dinner they’ll enjoy, such as a fancy jar of spaghetti sauce, quality pasta, fresh oregano or basil, a bottle of wine, and some gourmet olive oil. These items can be useful in the early days of living in the home, when some cooking items are still packed away and hard to find. Family meals are a great way to have people come together and create a memory, and you can give your gift recipient that experience in a lovely basket.

A Pair of Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows can make a great addition to any room of the new home, whether they are placed on the couch or armchair, on the bed, or in another part of the house. If you’re planning to give them pillows that go in the bedroom, you can choose larger pillows than you would for placement on a couch or chair. Select pillows that have a durable filling and are comfortable to sleep on. The average person dreams for two hours a night when they get a good night’s sleep, and having a comfortable pillow to rest on helps promote healthy sleep.

A thoughtful holiday gift like any of the ones suggested above is sure to be appreciated by a new homeowner. Start gifting today!

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