Ways to Make Your Home Safer This Fall

Everyone wants their home to be fully safe and secure, but most people neglect to take the extra steps to make it so. Some may be willing but don’t have a good idea on how exactly to go about it. If you are in either group, read on to see five of the main ways in which you can make your home safer this fall.

Check on Your Fire Detectors

Fire safety is important and this is why fire protection systems are required by the NFPA25 Code to have regular visual inspections as well as functional testing to make sure they are up to date and work as they should. The inspections and tests are done at monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual intervals, as well as at 5-year and 10-year intervals. All of this is done to make sure that in case of anything, you will have alarms going off in time to allow for help to arrive. This improves the likelihood of saving lives and property from destruction by fire.

Update Your Security System

Whenever you are out and about, your security system is all that stands between you and a burglary. Making sure that it is up to date and fully functional will take a very short time but can potentially save you from big losses. Test it from time to time and always turn it on when you leave the house, no matter how fast you intend to go back. If you stay away longer than anticipated, you will be secure in the knowledge that your house and all therein is safe.

Watch For Potential Water Damage

Water damage can cause you big losses if left unchecked. Industry estimates say that 14,000 people in the United States experience an emergency associated with water damage at work or at home each day. The same estimates place 98% of basements in American homes in danger of suffering from some type of water damage at some point in their lifetime. These statistics should inspire you to work at avoiding being part of the numbers listed by always checking and remedying potential water damage before it gets out of hand. Prevention, in this case, is truly the best option.

Add Outdoor Lighting

Adding light to your outdoors will serve two purposes. The first one is beautification, and the second more important one is improving security. Burglars love the dark, and lighting up the areas around your home will make it a less likely target for people with ill intentions. Light eliminates potential hiding spots and leaves you in a much better position than you would be in a dark, poorly lit landscape.

Consider Switching to Solar Energy

While you are upgrading your security and safety, the best partner you can get is solar energy. This will not only be green and affordable, but it will also be a dependable power source for your security efforts. Lower power bills for life make an initial high setup cost completely worth it because the panels will more than pay for themselves in efficiency. On average, a residential solar installation in the United States is about 5KW or roughly 20 solar panels. These are enough to power your home and keep it safe and independent of issues with grid electrical supply.

You should not wait until it’s too late and you have suffered loss of property through theft or similar damage. Act well in advance and set up your home to be a safe haven for your family this fall. The extra security will allow you peace of mind that you would otherwise not have, leaving you free to relax and enjoy every moment spent with your family.

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