4 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

There are many reasons why you should look for ways to make your home more energy efficient. From helping conserve the environment to saving on your energy bills at the end of every month, you’ll get many benefits. Read on to see four ways in which you can make your home more energy efficient easily and effectively.

1. Upgrade the Roof

The roof of your home plays a very important role when it comes to energy conservation. Getting the right one can help you make your home more energy-efficient. This is because, for instance, a reflective roof in a hot climate is going to help you keep your home cooler by reflecting a considerable amount of sunlight away. That said, note that the ROI for metal roofs is excellent, according to Remodeling Costs. With one, homeowners recouped between 70% and 87% of the money they spent on a new standing seam metal roof when they sold their homes. Clearly, a metal roof can be a great option for you to consider if you need to replace your roof for any of a number of reasons.

2. Seal Your Home

According to Energy.gov, between 25% and 30% of the heating and cooling energy used in residences results from the heat gained and lost through the windows. If your home’s doors and windows are leaking any air, take the time to seal them and put this leakage to a stop for better energy efficiency. You should also get the right window treatments for your windows to take this efficiency a step further. Heavy draperies, for instance, can help you keep more sunlight out and therefore keep your home cooler. You’ll also be saving your furniture and interior finishes from the damage that extended exposure to UV can cause.

3. Deal With Water Damage and Leaks

Plumbing leaks and others can cause considerable water damage to your home. Note that, according to This Old House, 60% of homes in the United States have wet basements, with 38% running the risk of basement mold. This is why it’s important for you to deal with any leaks the moment they occur. Water damage can be costly to fix and it places your family at risk of illness and discomfort. Leaks lead to water wastage, something that can see you spending a considerable amount on water bills at the end of every month. That said, contact your plumber right away if your home has any leaks or other issues to do with plumbing and prevent a major issue from occurring.

4. Upgrade Your Appliances

Last but not least, the appliances you have in your home could be the reason why your home isn’t energy-efficient. With this in mind, you should upgrade any dated appliances you have in your home. Ensure that you get their modern alternatives that will help you conserve energy around your home. When you do this, you’ll notice that you have lower bills to pay at the end of each month. Don’t forget to service your appliances as well, since regularly maintaining them is going to help you get the most efficient use out of them. You’ll also keep them in a good state for a longer time and you’ll also be creating savings this way.

Take these measures to make your home a lot more energy efficient and you’ll notice an improvement right away. Don’t wait too long to take these steps since some of them, such as replacing old appliances, can be done easily. In the process, you’ll also make your home more valuable than it currently is, so it’s a win in every way.

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