5 Home Upgrade Inspirations from Around the World

The way that a particular home looks oftentimes is often influenced by different design ideas from around the world. For example, it is quite common for people to pull ideas from famous cities and places where they have traveled. We wanted to take a look at some of the amazing design ideas that have been pulled from various parts of the planet.

Las Vegas Strip

They call it ‘Sin City’, but you may also know it as Las Vegas. No matter what you call it, the fact is there are precisely 104 casinos spread out throughout Las Vegas. Each one has to distinguish itself from the others, and that means that many of them use florescent lights and other gimmicks in their design to try to draw attention to themselves. It is challenging in a city full of buildings trying to draw people in, but some casinos have managed to do a great job of it. Now, some homeowners have brought that glitz and glamour to their home designs as well.

Greek-Style Roofing

The roof is the most important part of any home because it keeps the occupants from dealing with the ravages of the weather outside. This is important as no one wants to get soaked when they are just trying to enjoy some time with their family and friends. Luckily, Greek-Style roofing has caught on with a great number of people. It is no surprise that this has helped to power the estimated 197,390 roofing contractors employed as of 2019 Bureau of Labor Statistics data. There is a lot of work to be had!

Your Upgrades Can Almost Feel Like You Are Traveling

It is a challenging time to try to travel at the moment. There are still many restrictions on travel activities, and people are hesitant to even think about packing their bags and heading out somewhere. Mainly, it seems that they are worried that their plans could get scuttled at the last minute by new restrictions or some other unforeseen thing knocking their travel plans off-kilter. Thus, it makes sense that some people view home upgrades almost like traveling.

More than 45% of the world’s leading professional event planners say that hosting a virtual event can be almost as good as an in-person event when it is put together properly. This means that you don’t have to feel gloomy about the lack of travel prospects right now when there are opportunities to upgrade your home that can be almost as good as traveling to those places anyway.

Hispanic Culture Influences

Hispanic culture is starting to influence the look and feel of many homes in the United States and beyond. The beautiful use of color in homes in Latin America and South America is something that many people in the United States now aspire to have in their own homes. It seems like this pop of color can influence people’s moods and make them feel more comfortable and happier in their living space than they were before. Thus, you should expect to see more homes with a heavy Hispanic cultural influence cropping up.

Icelandic Style Homes

One final type of home upgrade that draws on inspiration from around the world is the insulation tactics that some people are now using on their homes. Extreme weather (such as the ice storm that crippled Texas in 2021) has led many to reconsider how they will insulate their homes and protect themselves when the weather takes a turn on them. Thus, some are drawing on inspiration from Icelandic homes because they are known to have mastered the art of insulating homes a long time ago.

Icelandic countries have dealt with cold weather for their entire existence, so it is no surprise that they know how to combat it fairly well. Look at some of the homes coming up now, and you will see that people are drawing from that inspiration.

Take Your Inspiration From the World Around You

There are many amazing things that we can learn from other cultures about how to design the ideal home. It is a great experience to have a little bit of another culture in your home, and you should consider it an honor to get to borrow ideas from others to use for yourself.

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