How Can You Organize Your Bathroom for Optimal Oral Health?

Home is the place where the majority of your oral health self-care will take place. Making oral health care easier at home starts with organizing your bathroom space with a focus on oral health care. About one out of 10 people report they forgot to brush their teeth regularly. If you have everything you need and a system in place, it will be easier to remember to properly care for your teeth at home.

You Need the Tools

To ensure that you are organizing your bathroom for good oral health, you will need the proper tools. At a minimum, you will need a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a supply of floss. However, there are other tools that you might want to consider investing in to ramp up your at-home oral healthcare routine.

A water jet cleaning system is a great way to get rid of debris that is resistant to flossing. An electric brushing system is an easy way to get your teeth sparkling clean quickly. Tooth polish and a polishing head for your electric toothbrush is also a good investment to get a dazzling smile.

Also, consider a fluoride enhanced rinse to help keep cavities away. You should choose toothpaste with fluoride to add to your home oral health arsenal. It is especially important that you use a fluoride rinse and fluoride fortified toothpaste if you use well water at home. Most municipal water supplies contain fluoride, but of course, well water does not.

Organizing your bathroom to include the tools that you will need to get a great smile will make it easier to care for your teeth at home. Setup a tooth care station by keeping all your tools in one convenient location. Consider getting a basket to keep all your oral health care tools together or using one drawer to store all of these products.

Develop Good Habits

Once you have all your tools corralled together, it is time to start developing good oral health habits. Organize your bathroom so you take the same steps every day. For example, keep a washcloth along with your tooth care items so that you have to go into the basket to wash your face in the morning and will be reminded that your oral hygiene routine is waiting to start. If you can adopt a habit for three weeks, it becomes second nature.

Remember that nine out of 10 forget to brush because their oral health care items are not prominently featured. Setting up a routine that requires you to visually see your oral health care tools will ensure that you never forget.

Other Things to Do At Home to Boost Oral Health

Having a bathroom that is organized with a focus on oral health is not the only way you can improve your oral health at home. The old saying “you are what you eat” is only half the story when it comes to your teeth. What you drink matters as well. For example, sports drinks are often chockful of harmful sugars and can be a danger to your teeth, but energy drinks can be even worse. A recent study found that energy drinks like Redbull, Rockstar, and Monster resulted in two times as much enamel damage and loss than sports drinks.

The bottom line is to know what you are consuming and to understand what effect it can have on your teeth. A diet that is focused on good oral health is good for your teeth and good for your body. Cutting out sweet foods and sweet drinks is a good place to start. Keep your kitchen and fridge stocked up with healthy drinks.

Partner With Your Dentist

About 32% of respondents of a survey report that they are not happy with the way their teeth look and are even concerned about their appearance. Partnering with a dentist and getting regular dental checkups can provide you with solutions for a smile you are not happy with. Of course, regular dental care also means that any dental issues can be quickly addressed.

Organize your bathroom for easy at-home dental care. Design your lifestyle to promote good oral health, and visit your dentist regularly to get a smile you can feel proud of.

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