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I was compensated with free paint for this post. All of the opinions expressed and the creation of the “S” are my own.
Modern Masters Review

I love variation of color, depth, imperfections and flaws. Mixed media and grunge are right up my alley. And as much as I try to maintain a not-too-edgy, respectable, suburban home–my inner urban city girl comes out in the form of edgy, grungier DIY projects.

When I witnessed the effects that you could create using Modern Masters Metal Effects…I HAD to give it a try. I got lucky and met the nice people at Modern Masters who knew my blog and they agreed to send me a starter kit. So the only thing standing in my way was my lack of expertise.  I felt lucky to review a product that seemed so complicated, and they trusted me to give it a try.
I picked up this “S” from JoAnn Stores in the paper mache section…it stands about 2 feet tall.  (So yes, this can work on paintable paper as well!) I was originally picturing something elegant to put on a mantel during our wedding reception at the  French House.  My theory on wedding decor – buy things that you can reuse later to decorate your house.  So I thought this could look really fun in our basement after the wedding was over.

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Step 1:  Apply a coat of Metal Effects Paint (on the “S” I used Bronze Paint) 
(keep reading to learn why I skipped the Primer)
Apply Metal Effects Paint (Below) and leave it wet!   Don’t let it dry or the effect won’t work.
Metal Effects Bronze Reactive Paint - Modern Masters
Once I have a wet paintbrush in hand – anything is possible. I walk around and start painting everything around me. During this impromptu painting frenzy I snapped a picture. Here I am applying the Bronze reactive paint on Tim Holtz paper on a different project. Just one coat is all it takes:
Step 2:  (Below) Spray on aging solution WHILE PAINT IS WET! 
Modern Masters Blue Patina Aging Solution
 Love the Blue Patina.  You can purchase it here.  and it comes with a spray bottle.  Make sure you wear gloves when applying.
Step 3:  To get the effect below, I simply sprayed on the Blue Patina, then set the “S” upright, allowing the drips to run down the front of the letter. (Of course,  with paper towels catching drips on the floor). It took about 5 minutes to start seeing a reaction, and about 40 minutes later, the blue aging took over.
Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 3.29.52 PM
Step 4:  Stenciled
It’s subtle, but you see a faint image of a vintage stamp on my “S”.  I simply went back overtop of the metal effects with the Bronze Paint (used in Step 1) with a stencil that I purchased from Wallmasque Stencil Company.  It’s it lovely?
My Experience as a Newbie to this Product: 
Let’s establish that I am new to using this medium, and while I consider the “S”a success, another not-so-successful project preceded this one. Blame it on user error. The results are very different 1) if you lay a piece flat and don’t let the aging solution run down the surface and b) if you use the Primer (normally step 1). So you have to know the medium well (and I am an eager student).  So I’m working on smaller projects.   I love the product and it’s potential and determined to become a “Modern Master”.
Tip:  I skipped the Metal Effects Primer on the “S” and I have loved the results.  But this is all personal preference, right?
Here is a past project WITH the Primer first. It looked very orangey to me, which I was going for more of a rich brown. By not laying it on it’s side, spraying made the effect looked as if the item had been rained on.
Metal effects
Although watching it transform was fascinating.
So bear with me as I teach myself how to use this stuff.   I still have a lot to learn, and I owe Modern Masters a big “thank you” for trusting me as a new student to their products.
More crafts and wedding projects to come!

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  1. I love how it turned out! You did a great job! I love the idea of stenciling over it! Awesome!

  2. I have to get me some of those products. It turned out so cool. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Michelle thank you for stopping by. This paint is so fun to work with!

    1. Thanks so much….baby steps for me, I wasn’t too sure of myself using this paint but I’m getting the hang of it!

    1. Thank you so much! :)

  3. I am in love with your spirit and your abilities! I am new with this product…going to try this weekend, and thank you for the information!

  4. Do you have to use the primer on wood if you are going to use the iron paint? thank you.

    1. Hi Beverlee – you asked about using the primer on wood if using the Modern Masters iron paint. I would because it is corrosive. It depends on the look you’re going for. If you don’t use a topcoat it will continue to oxidize as well. I hope that helps!

      1. I did use it, and am glad I did. I never could get the lumps out of the iron paint, tho. It was really thick, and stayed lumpy. Thanks for your help.