How to Decorate if You’re Hosting a Bridal Brunch

Over time, brunch has become more popular, so many couples are choosing to have a bridal brunch on the day after the wedding. This is a great idea as it provides a great opportunity to share one last meal, a casual one, before everyone disperses. If you’re hosting a bridal brunch and need some ideas, have a look at the five below, which will make it easier and more memorable for everybody.

Re-Use Decor From The Wedding

Hosting a bridal brunch is a great opportunity to re-use decorations from the wedding. This will see you get the maximum value from decorations used at the wedding reception. Repurpose flowers and candles and more tabletop decor for your brunch to add an edge in a pocket-friendly way. The fact that you will most likely be in a different environment will breathe new life into the pieces you re-use, so don’t let them go to waste. While brunch is a tradition that was started in England and took about 30 years to catch on in America, it’s now become so commonplace that you will find the idea of having a bridal brunch at home a regular occurrence.

Set Up a Coffee Bar

A coffee bar is a great way to wake everyone up after a night of fun and dancing, so you can get a coffee cart. If you’re up for it, you could get the coffee from a popular chain, saving you a lot of time and space you may have needed to brew the coffee yourself. Pair the coffee with coffee cake and more to give your guests the full experience, and you will be sure to have a brunch worth talking about for a while after it’s done.

Set Out Pastries

Don’t forget to set out assorted pastries like croissants and cinnamon rolls for a warm treat. With most weddings held in September and October, there will also be some great seasonal fruits that you can use for fruit condiments. Southern-style biscuits and donut walls make for a combination of awesome snacks and decor, so include these as well. Finally, you can set up a breakfast Charcuterie that will give people the freedom to make a plate that they will enjoy. This will also save a lot of time as opposed to preparing a hot meal, making your brunch convenient for guests who have to catch a flight, for instance.

Create A DIY Bar

If the weather permits and your home has the space, set up a small DIY bar outdoors. Give your guests the option of mimosas, cocktails, wines, and more. Set out some champagne, orange juice, mango juice, or any other juice you want so that your guests can make their own cocktails. This will be a great way to get people in a light mood, carrying on the celebrations from the night before to the brunch. Create as many options as you can while keeping the budget manageable, and your guests will leave happy and gratified.

Declutter Your Home

With the average American household having about 300,000 things, it’s going to be important to declutter and organize your home long before you need to decorate for brunch. This will make it easy to decorate, and your brunch guests will enjoy the neat, amazing setup of your gorgeous home. If you are too busy or exhausted to do this, consider hiring a cleaning company to get the space in order.

Hosting a bridal brunch has become a staple for many weddings of late. If you end up hosting one, make sure to give the guests something to talk about by creating an amazing space with unforgettable decor.

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