DIY: Vintage Herb Planter

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I was compensated with free craft supplies for this project. All opinions expressed are my own.

I was given the opportunity to go on a major shopping binge at Michaels Stores last year. Our job was to perform an in-store demo of a simple spring craft project. I chose to demonstrate how to whitewash terracotta pots and assemble a mini herb garden. But as you can see, I came home with quite a bit more than *just* terracotta pots.


I demonstrated specialty paint and distressing techniques, along with several vintage labeling options using chalkboard paint, twine, and Sharpies. I gave attendees choices of each. But first, I had to create a prototype at home…


To whitewash the terracotta pots, I chose paint colors that matched my own home, and watered them down. First I layered on pure white.



 Next…dabbing off the paint with a wet cloth for a distressing technique. And I was just noticing, my house looks so different now since this shot was taken.


I would repeat this process with a variety of colors. (Paint. Dab off with wet cloth. REPEAT).

Terracotte Pot Whitewashed | by

I also picked up a variety of labels to show customers what the possibilities were.

I glued on a wooden “HERBS” sign during the event itself, which was assembled in the unfinished wood section of Michaels (my favorite aisle of the entire store).


Then I demonstrated some hand lettering for more label options.


This event was held nationwide, and below are the projects that other Hometalk bloggers chose to demonstrate across the country. What a fun experience this was.

Enjoy the spring craft round up! 

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  1. I LOVE these herb planters! I just made a Michael’s run the other day and was so very happy to see signs of spring. I live in a frozen tundra, aka Minnesota, and spring can’t come soon enough!

  2. This is such a unique project. I love it! We’ve tried an herb planter before, but all of the herbs were in the same pot and separated only slightly. I like that this option keeps everything together but still gives the separation of individual pots. Thanks for sharing!

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