How to Make an Old House Feel Brand New

You have just bought an older home or own one and want to find ways to make it look brand new. We will discuss updating your electrical system, painting the rooms, replacing wallpaper, checking appliances, having your roof inspected, and cleaning and organizing your home. All these tasks will improve the ambiance of an older home.

Update Your Electrical System, Outlets, Light Switches, and Plates

Your old house may need some major electrical work and you may need to have the electrical box replaced with new fuses and circuit breakers. An electrician can do this job effectively and even increase the amps or electrical current in your home. Circuit breakers are an important aspect of your electrical box because they will turn off the power when they detect a power surge. They protect your home against fire and severe damage to your system. Most homes use 100 to 200 amps to run appliances and other equipment.

Replacing your light switches with a more modern and updated style might be another task you may want to tackle. Perhaps you will find a style, color, or design that you like better. If you have some experience with electrical work, you may be able to put in wall switches and plates yourself. Installing new light fixtures is another option to replace outdated ones to improve the look of your inner decor.

Paint the Rooms and Replace Old Wallpaper

In 2020, the paint and coating industry was estimated to be worth $158 billion. Painting the rooms in your home with a fresh coat of paint that is eco-friendly is a good step. You can choose to paint all the rooms one color white or a neutral color or choose a color palette for each room that you like. Pastel colors lighten up the room and make the room appear bigger. New paint will hide any imperfections on the walls.

Old wallpaper is often faded and peeling and should be replaced. Sometimes the colors are not suited to the room. Replacing old wallpaper with a new modern design or a fresh coat of paint on the wall will improve how the room looks.

Check Appliances and Heating and Cooling Systems

If you bought or own an old house, you may have appliances that were left there, or you own. Appliances should be checked occasionally to see how they are running or serviced. Your furnace should be checked and cleaned yearly to make sure you do not need any repairs. If you own an air conditioner or system, it should be serviced every two years to clean and repair it. You may find the compressor may need oil.

When your kitchen appliances are not working correctly, it pays to call an appliance repair service to find out what is wrong with them. Sometimes you may need a new appliance, but often it may be easy to repair.

Clean and Organize Your Home Thoroughly

Before you begin any major repairs, it is important to clean your home thoroughly. Sweep the floors, vacuum the rugs, get rid of the clutter. Do a very thorough cleaning of your rooms. Too much clutter can be a problem in some old homes. Donating or selling items you do not need or use can give you room for new appliances, furniture, and equipment. Cleaning and organizing an old home will help it to look more modern and newer.

Inspect the Roof and Make the Necessary Repairs

Your roof should be inspected every few years for damage. It may need to be cleaned. This will prevent major problems from wear and weather-related damage. When a professional roofing company inspects your roof, they can fix any loose shingles or make repairs if needed. Over the last few years, roofing business owners have been subjected to an increase in labor costs by 10%. A roof inspection can save you the expense of having to put on a new roof due to damage that was not repaired.

Older homes need repairs to keep your home safe to live in and enjoy. You can often address these tasks by taking one step at a time and completing them using a well-planned timeline.

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