Glossy Black Front Door 1 @snazzylittlethings

Front Porch

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Just a quick collection of photos of our front porch. I don’t change it much except I’ve been known to occasionally go overboard for a holiday or two.
Glossy Black Front Door 1 @snazzylittlethings


Front Porch Potting Table @Snazzylittlethings

Front Porch by

American Flag on Front Porch by SnazzyLittleThings
I am constantly landscaping or re-staging our front porch.  Ours is the only open front porch in the entire neighborhood. A snapshot as I was decorating for the holidays in 2013, I went a little crazy with decor that year.

Holiday front porch, Snazzy Little Things

Looking out of the front door and my chippy Craigslist (table) before I gave it a winterizing treatment.



Here are all the major outdoor projects for my exterior:   

1. Painted front door –original color was cranberry. But it changed from purple…and now, glossy black.

2 concrete stamping of porch and driveway overlay, which was chipping and flaking, and making a mess.

A look back at our door when it was once purple. 

Before: My purple door before glossy black
Another picture when I stamped the front porch 


Here is the porch, before:



What crazy stuff we do to the house during Halloween. See my tutorial here.

diy halloween haunted house silhouettes


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