Stamped Concrete Overlays Before & After

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A stamped concrete overlay was our answer for a pitted concrete front porch. Here are some photos of the process.

The concrete was only a few years old but was chipping horribly — especially in our driveway.
Before: Our porch before painting the front door black and BEFORE the concrete overlay project.
Powerwashing – the mesh was sticking through and the cement was crumbling
First layer applied then the mold came after.
Entrance Landscape @snazzylittlethings
We also added serpentine brick along the sidewalk
Front Porch Potting Table @Snazzylittlethings
Black Front Door Garden Party Tour by
Pardon the mess, but here is a glimpse of the driveway after the overlay. Nice and smooth (my son looks pretty cute, too!)

What a difference one day makes! The entrance of our house needed some additional pizzazz, and we got a competitive and timely quote from a local professional to do the work, in addition to repairing the driveway (which was pitted and cracking) The pictures above show the progress they made in just two days worth of work.

Lesson learned? Hire professionals for complex projects like concrete!

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  1. Wow that came out really nice. I made a stone path in my front with a cement mold and OMG that was a project I wished I hadn’t started because it was HARD. but in the end it came out nice…but not as nice as this. Great job!!

    1. Thanks for your comments…your sentiments is what I had about doing it myself. I’m not averse to working hard but I have a day job, and at a certain point I had to stop educating myself on DIY and start hiring the pros. It was an interesting process to watch. You have a lovely blog as well. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you. Yes sometimes we do have to give it up to the professionals. Having someone to tell how we want it done and then watch while we sit by and sip tea makes it kind of worthwhile to pay them LOL.

  3. Amazing transformation! Stamped Concrete Overlays are really the one kind of decorative concrete application that we always get from most of our clients.

  4. Tricia Henderson says:

    Looks beautiful. I live in Ohio as well. Our driveway is showing its 8 years and the pitting and chipping has started. Have thought of having something like this done. Any chance you can share your contractor info?

    1. Jeanette, DIY & Decorating Blogger says:

      Unfortunately I don’t see his website anymore. He did wonderful work! Good luck it was so affordable, too.