$90 Half Bath Upgrade by Snazzy Little Things

Powder Room in Foyer

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This week I updated three bathrooms. Yes, you read that right…3 bathrooms all in one week! So today I’ll share what’s been lurking behind the mystery door in our foyer and give you the details of our $90 powder room upgrade. My goal was simple: I wanted a nice and clean finished space (and to finally remove some realllly outdated wallpaper).

$90 Powder Room Upgrade

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Main ingredients for the half bath makeover:

$90 Powder Room Upgrade

Things I thought about upgrading, but resisted due to budget: Wainscot or board & batten (I also felt like I had enough of that happening in the foyer). New decor (used what I had on hand) and an antique gold mirror (still on the lookout, haven’t found one yet online at a reasonable price). I imagined a nice natural wood antique cabinet finished as a vanity, but the same thing. I haven’t found one yet. I also decided on a simple gray paint (Olympic Gray Ghost) that I already had in our stash.

Before: Presenting my really poor wallpaper choice circa 2005. Obviously the wallpaper was the major culprit that dated this room. I give myself points for trying to step out of the box way back then.

Powder Room with Wallpaper Before
Before:  We removed the old floor and replaced it with the new Pergo Outlast+. And the old wallpaper needed to come down.

Wallpaper removal: We removed our wallpaper using a Shark Steamer, fabric softener and a plastic scraper. If the wallpaper is stubborn, I use this device that perforates the wallpaper, then soaked it with a wet cloth (1 part water, 1 part fabric softener). Then scraped it off with a plastic scraper. But in this case, the wallpaper came off easily leaving no damage to the wall.

Removing Old Wallpaper with a Steamer and Fabric Softener

Once that was completely done, we removed the toilet and the pedestal sink so that we could finish the Pergo Outlast+ flooring (to see our whole home Pergo flooring project, click here). We then added cove molding that was painted white around the perimeter of the room to close the gaps between the floor and the wall.

Powder Room Upgrade Flooring Installation

I lightly sanded any bumps off the walls, then painted the entire room Gray Ghost in a satin by Olympic Paint & Stain. I stuck with my whole-home paint color palette for the half bath. I try to use colors in the entire house that complement each other nicely. Here is how the gray fits into our overall color scheme.

Interior Paint Swatches with Brand Names by SnazzyLittleThings

Powder Room Painting Walls Gray Ghost

Once the walls were finished, I painted the door black using Iron Gate from Heirloom Traditions Paint. Then I decorated using existing decor I had throughout the house.

Powder Room After Pergo Flooring

My room upgrades are super simple these days. It’s partly due to being budget conscious but I do like simple rooms finishes. Looking back, I think bathrooms require attention every couple of years and I’ve been guilty of neglecting them for far too long.

$90 Half Bath Upgrade by Snazzy Little Things

Above: Wall mirrors (unknown, have had for years || Candles from Homegoods – they probably won’t stay there but I threw them there for now || Wall Decor from Arhaus Furniture purchased years ago

To see where the rest of our home improvement budget has been spent, take a home tour which provides details all of our before and afters throughout the years. You can always shop each room to see where I purchased all of my products.

The remaining bathroom upgrades will post on the blog this week along with a few other projects we’ve been meaning to finish. Hope you’ll stop by – we found a new flooring option (flooring that you can actually cut with scissors) that I think you’ll love.

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  1. What a difference $90 can make! Love the transformation!

    1. Jessica Wallace says:

      I need a powder room in the house I’m buying. No closets or bathrooms on the main floor. I can’t find a spot to put it. I wish I had your eye!

      1. Jeanette, DIY & Decorating Blogger says:

        Congrats on your new house! Even my eye can’t solve space problems very well, I do fine with the spaces I do have, but moving walls is something I struggle to visualize. I’m sure you’ll make your house lovely even without. :)

  2. Love it, love it love it! Just goes to show that you don”t have to spend mega-bucks refreshing a room.

  3. Very pretty!
    Where do you store toilet paper and hand towels?
    I’m thinking of replacing the pedestal sink in our powder room with a small vanity just to gain some hidden storage space. Thought?

    1. Jeanette, DIY Blog SnazzyLittleThings.com says:

      Thank you! We were selling this house at the time we shared this makeover, and we honestly had the bare minimum in that room. So we removed any baskets or storage on the floor. Normally we’d have a basket near the sink on the floor with extra rolls. And the hand towel was on ring near the sink, or we would hang it right over the edge of the sink. I prefer real vanities with storage, too, versus a pedestal sink.

        1. Jeanette, DIY & Decorating Blogger says:

          Thank you Sharon! I’m glad you’re here!