5 Ways a Kitchen Remodel Can Benefit Your Family

Any homeowner who has undergone a remodel can tell you that not all projects are equal and some are more beneficial than others. One of those that is valuable is your kitchen, and here are five ways in which taking this project on can improve your home and benefit your entire family.

1. Start a Healthier Lifestyle

Remodeling your kitchen makes it a lot more attractive for your family to spend more time in it. This will inevitably encourage them to start cooking more at home and order takeout less often. When you choose what you cook, you will find that it’s easier to eat healthily and watch the ingredients you use, making sure to only use the very best. With the WHO reporting that 45 million homes and buildings around the world are affected by mold growth, you never know the environment in which meals you order have been prepared. To avoid the risks of suffering from health issues and complications like food poisoning, you will do better to cook your own meals and, as mentioned, a modern, upgraded kitchen makes this easier to do.

2. Save Money

Remodeling your kitchen can also bring down the costs you spend on energy as a family if you add energy-efficient appliances and get rid of energy-guzzling older models you have. You could also add natural lighting by creating or expanding existing windows and install LED lights, which will consume less energy in your home on a daily basis. In the long term, you will start to realize a decrease in the energy demands of your household.

3. Create a Study Space for Your Kids

When your kids get home from school, they’re likely to head straight to the kitchen where they will find a fast snack to boost their energy levels. When you give the space an upgrade, you can include extra features like a small table on one side so they can do their homework. With about 2.63 million students enrolled in private elementary schools in 2016 in the U.S., you can expect that this space will be put to good use. This is because your kid may come home with a friend or two with whom they want to do homework or work on a project together.

4. Increase Space and Declutter

You may have to contend with storage that’s less than adequate in your kitchen, but with a remodel, you can increase this space to suit your family’s needs. More shelves and bigger cabinets are two examples of extra storage you can add to your home. If you have the potential space and budget to spare, you may also add a pantry if you don’t currently have one. Doing this will give you a lot more room to cook and store things comfortably, perhaps even giving you room to have extra people cooking simultaneously.

5. Make It Easier to Sell Your Home Down the Road

A modern, updated kitchen makes it easy to sell your home at a great price if you choose to do so in the future. This is because many people on the market for a new home prioritize a good kitchen among other features. You could give it a minor remodel rather than going all-out, and the average cost of $26,214 will add 72% of your total cost to the resale value.

If you were on the fence about whether or not to remodel your kitchen, the five benefits above should help you decide. You can work with your contractor to find the cheapest way to do remodels that will have a big impact, so don’t let the cost stop you if you can spare the money.

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