Dark + Moody Mantel Makeover

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Happy almost Valentine’s Day! I’ve had a “hot date” with my fireplace these last few weeks because of the extreme cold snap. Lots of hot tea, blankets, a crackling fire and Netflix going on here. Mark’s been traveling overseas with his new job so I’ve had a lot of TV time. How about you? If you live in the south I’m sure you’re seeing signs of spring, but not here in Ohio. Not yet. We’re still enjoying negative temperatures for awhile. :)

Dark & Moody Mantel Makeover with Paint

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Mantel Makeover with Dark Paint by SnazzyLittleThings.com DIY Blog

Before: Our White (Yellowing) Mantel

Here is our pink interior on the day we moved in. We had a lot of painting to do!

Yellowing Paint on White Mantel Before Chalky Paint
The mantel was on hold since we moved in. I wanted to paint the “peachy” walls as a first priority, then let the rest fall into place.

This has been my view. As you can see the decor elements we used in the last house aren’t working too well.

We knew this house didn’t require major construction, which is the exact reason we chose it. It just needed simple upgrades like paint, trim, hopefully new floors this year. After living here a few months we’re starting to see things a bit more clearly and the low-hanging fruit opportunities to upgrade it. The house is well-made, just outdated.

I contemplated whether I should paint the wall a dark color — leaving the wall white? Or just paint the mantel. So here is what we chose:

The brass plates I simply popped off the front of the fireplace. I didn’t paint the floor yet since we are replacing the entire floor soon.

Shop the post and the paint color below:

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Simple changes like this to the house make such a big difference, don’t they? Our fireplace mantel had the original builders-white paint. But it was starting to yellow and was just a bit too shiny for my taste. This paint did the trick! (And we also painted the tile the exact same color with the same paint).

And this time I broke out of the farmhouse look and went for some more fun, boho elements to make it interesting.

I’m going to be on Rachael Ray!

Tomorrow, I’ve been given the chance of a lifetime! I’ll share more once I’m able…but for now, here’s the update on Instagram (Update! all the details of my Rachael Ray appearance can be found in this post).

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  1. Shannon McDowell says:

    I love it!!! May I ask what finish you used? Satin, eggshell, or matte?

    1. Jeanette, DIY Blog SnazzyLittleThings.com says:

      Hi Shannon! I provided a link to the exact paint I used under the photo. It’s chalk type paint so it’s super-matte.

      1. The link wants to pin the picture instead of going to the paint color when you click the paint swatch image, so it tells me nothing.

        1. Jeanette, DIY Blog SnazzyLittleThings.com says:

          Hi Lisa, sorry I’ll fix the links. The paint color is Magnolia – Gardon Trowel (found at Target).

  2. I wasn’t sure, but I love dark moody mantel!!

    1. Jeanette, DIY Blog SnazzyLittleThings.com says:

      Lisa I wasn’t sure either! It took several days of staring at it on cold nights to finally make the decision. We love it now!

  3. That is my EXACT mantle. It started out honey oak and I painted it white. But I haven’t been loving it for awhile. I’ll have to think about if another color would really work in the room it’s in. Yours is lovely!

    1. Jeanette, DIY Blog SnazzyLittleThings.com says:

      Thanks Mrs. Mike – I wanted a different mantel and this one is growing on me. I’d really like to remove the mirror so we can put Buck (the deerhead) up there. I’m loving the dark colors for now!

  4. What type of paint and what color is used for the marble around the opening?

    1. Jeanette, DIY Blog SnazzyLittleThings.com says:

      Hi Robin, I added a link in the post to the exact paint I used, and I just painted the tile the exact same color as the mantel. We plan to replace the floor so I left that part of the floor tile as-is for now

      1. Hi Jeanette, how did you paint the tile with the same magnolia color? Did you have to do something to the tile first? I have marble around the place you have tile. Do you recommend doing the hearth on the floor too.?

        1. No prep needed, chalk paint will stick to most any surface. Our hearth will be replaced at some point so I skipped it, but I would say it can be also painted.

  5. Saw you on Rachel Ray!!! How fun! You did a great job! Looked so pretty! You must tell us more about it! How was she etc?!!

    1. Jeanette, DIY Blog SnazzyLittleThings.com says:

      Hi Shelly! Thanks for your sweet words…I did post here on the blog and I started an IGTV video channel on Instagram sharing some funny tidbits about Mark and I bickering while I filmed our home video clip that I did myself, lol! It’s funny now…and it was definitely a whirlwind! The first time I met Rachael was when she was standing next to me on the stage!

  6. Jeanette,
    Oh, I do love the dark, moody, mantel make-over!
    What an amazing transformation a touch of paint can bring!
    Well done!

    1. Jeanette, DIY Blog SnazzyLittleThings.com says:

      BIG difference right? It’s just paint so we can always change it if we grow tired of it. :)

  7. JoAnn Robinson says:

    Who knew you could paint tile?! Wow! You did a beautiful job, both in the selection of colors and in the execution!

  8. Love the mantel make over , it looks fantastic, great job and inspiration,

  9. I love when a simple update with something like paint makes the something look completely different. Beautiful mantel. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMatterParty

  10. Hi, I just found your blog site!
    I love the dark contrast of the mantel and the lighter colored chairs by it. It’s fun what a little paint can do to a room.

    Pinned and following!

    1. Jeanette, DIY Blog SnazzyLittleThings.com says:

      Thanks so much Rachelle! Welcome!


    1. Jeanette, DIY Blog SnazzyLittleThings.com says:

      It’s called Garden Trowel, you can find it in the Magnolia Home section at Target. Good luck!

      1. My fireplace has granite tiles on the surround and hearth….can your magnolia paint work on granite?

  12. Love what you did with the mantle! I am contemplating doing the exact same thing. Your link to color still does not work.

  13. I love the moody fireplace redo. Question. Using Magnolia paint for a mantel and surround concerns me. I have a gas fireplace that gets hot. How does the paint hold up on the tiles near the fireplace insert? Thank you.
    Darling house, so inspiring.

  14. I love this makeover! It looks so stunning, especially with all the decor you added! I had the mantel in my living room painted last year by a local cabinet refinisher, but now I want to update the fireplace in my basement too. I think I’m going to paint it myself with Garden Trowel- I love how beautiful this color looks!

    1. Jeanette, DIY & Decorating Blogger says:

      Thank you Sarah, I’m so glad it inspired your project. It is really a pretty gray in person with very slight green undertones. We love it!