DIY Painted Mugs That Are Dishwasher-Friendly


Using dollar store mugs and my new ceramic paints, I’ve been testing out a few techniques to create PERMANENT mug designs! You don’t need a kiln, nor do you need artistic skills. Just the right paint, a little creativity, an oven and setting spray to make them dishwasher-safe! (Because let’s be real – none of us want to hand-wash ANY dishes if we can help it!)

4 DIY Painted Mug Designs

Perfect for personalized gift giving, DIY mugs are a simple, quick project that even the kids can do.

I have a bit of a mug obsession (more on that in a future post) – we’ve even created a full wall of mugs in our kitchen. It’s fun to test out my artistic abilities (which are budding, at best). Mugs are also a fun and quick knock off project, so if you see a design you love – why not try it at home?

All it takes are a few simple materials for this super fun and simple DIY project!

  1. Ceramic mugs from Big Lots or the Dollar Store
  2. A Maker’s Studio Ceramic Paints & Stencils
  3. Paper Towels
  4. Artist Brushes
  5. Water to dip your brushes
  6. Q-Tips & Rubbing Alcohol (for cleaning up mistakes)
  7. Mesh stencils (if you don’t want to freehand)

Follow My Video Tutorial (which aired on Hometalk!)

Bake Your Mugs In Your Oven!

This sets the design!

  1. Place mugs in a cold oven
  2. Use a baking sheet covered with tin foil
  3. Once mugs are in oven turn on to 325 degrees Fahrenheit
  4. Bake for 35 minutes
  5. Turn off and let cool

NOTE! I’ve washed my mugs in the dishwasher after baking to test this method. Expect the colors to change after about 5 washings. To prevent this and to create a permanent design, see the next step!

Final Step? SPRAY!

To make your design dishwasher-friendly, my recommendation is to seal using this spray AFTER you bake them. This spray works on my vinyl mugs as well (make using a Cricut!) I spray 2-3 times and let thoroughly dry for a few days before use.

Watercolor Mugs Organic Style

It’s always nice to break up complicated home improvement projects with a quick, easy and fun craft. I’m a bit addicted to my mug painting habit now!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask away in the comments! More fun mug tutorials are coming soon!

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  1. I love your watercolour mug!! Great video, thanks for sharing!!

  2. Hi! I’ve been trying alcohol ink. Karmar Varnish is the only thing I’ve found that doesn’t make the initial design run. Modge podge shows brush strokes and seems to peel away. Is the deco spray good safe? The UV spray sealer smells bad and won’t go on over modge podge. Any recommendations and tips works be great. Thanks Julie

    1. Jeanette, DIY & Decorating Blogger says:

      Hi Julie, I do like the spray for Mod Podge and I did a ton of research at the time I posted this. It was the best option at that time. I need to try Karmar Varnish and experiment with new materials as they come out. I gave those mugs away and everyone said they held up just fine, but the no-bake paint I used in other tutorials didn’t not old up as well. One day I will update my post with new findings :)