diy-gothic-cathedral-window-frame-fixer-upper reveal

DIY (Reversible!) Cathedral Window Frame

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Lots of people have asked us if we have a pattern to make these windows. Now we do!

diy-gothic-cathedral-window-frame-fixer-upper reveal
For the cost of a piece of plywood and leftover paints, here is our DIY window cut (by me) with a jigsaw, stained and waxed!  Affiliate links included throughout this post.

We’ve made easy for you to DIY your own window frame using our woodworking pattern that you can enlarge and take to a local print shop.  Check our handmade home decor collection and see what’s new in our Snazzy Shop!

Because I don’t have the full-on farmhouse going on here, I pick and choose farmhouse elements that blend well with my existing decor. I like to call it “refined” farmhouse. One of those must-have decor elements that I can’t stop thinking about? That awesome Fixer Upper cathedral window frame, Joanna must have found it in architectural salvage — and I’m sure she paid a pretty penny.

But I didn't need a headboard. I just wanted one small enough for our mantel. And I soon discovered they are sooo hard to find.

As I continued searching online I came across this article and I loved how Laura personalized her window frame with her own finish. Since our mini fireplace makeover underway I thought now would be a perfect time to do something similar, but I wanted to actually cut the frame ourselves to perfectly fit our mantel.

DIY Gothic Window Frame

and, it's reversible!

I looked up the actual window for sale by Magnolia Home, and upon deeper inspection I could see that theirs is made of plywood. I wanted a much larger version than what I could buy online, so here is what we created:

  • Oversized: Mine is designed to fit my mantel -- 40" x 48".
  • Reversible:  The result is a reversible window frame with a different finish on both sides.
  • It's Our Own Creation: We sketched this up ourselves! Much of the art in our home is our own creation :)

Version one...more wood grain with a subtle white wax (from Annie Sloan):

diy-cathedral-window-frame-fixer-upper stained light wax on mantel

Version two...when you flip it you reveal the lighter, whitewashed version which more subtle against the newly painted stone fireplace):

The other side, stained with Early American Varathane, with a heavier application of Annie Sloan White Wax.
diy-cathedral-window-frame-fixer-upper with urns

You can see from our wood markings, measuring was a bit tricky. And we had to teach ourselves how to create a usable pattern online. But Mr. Snazzy made this easy for you to do at home by creating a pattern that you can print and download! He did the measuring, and I cut it with a jigsaw and added the final finish.

DIY Gothic Cathedral Window Frame

We sanded the edges using a sanding block. The final finish on both sides was a combination of Early American stain from Varathane + Annie Sloan White Wax.

diy-cathedral-window-frame-fixer-upper staining with early american

Then one side has a heavier application of Annie Sloan White Wax.

diy-cathedral-window-frame-fixer-upper annie sloan white wax

We are planning several more designs and we will probably be are selling these templates in our shop! Check back often as we roll out more styles!

Download your own pattern to DIY today!

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  1. I love this idea! Did you hand draw the gothic frame design yourself or did you use some pattern?

    1. It was complicated, the markings on our version were the result of lots of trial and error. But we created our own sketchup software drawing. We may offer it to sell in our store as a digital download so you can print the pattern and make your own. Or we will just sell them finished :)

  2. This piece is stunning. I can’t wait to see how you did this project.

    1. Thanks Vanessa! ❤️

  3. Wow oh Wow! I love this project! If you sell plans for it, I’m sure to buy them.

    1. {{Paula!}} I’ve been checking in on you, I hope you’re feeling well! We are discussing how to offer them since the measurements are a bit complicated. Now that we have this one worked out we are making more designs. But a pattern might work. We have it drawn in sketchup, but we are wondering how to offer it as a pattern versus plans so that anyone can trace it–like something you can have printed up. But my husband worries that the measurements won’t be precise. Any ideas?

    2. Hi Paula, we now sell plans for this exact window. It took about a week to get them drawn up for download, we have more styles coming soon!

  4. The window is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to grab one when/if you put them in your shop ;-)

  5. Absolutely stunning! What an accomplishment! I am simply wowed.

  6. lynn evans says:

    would love to see a narrower version so 2 could be used as a king sized headboard. Love your pictures!

    1. Thank you, we are talking about offering templates large enough to make a headboard, too!

  7. Josephine says:

    Lovely, just plain lovely. Did you use standard plywood, or one with a birch finish? Yes, I thing suburban Colonial is a style as long as you don’t have that 80s style I remember LOL. I grew up in suburban raised ranch how hideous was that? Now I do live in the forest/mountains and on a 13 acre “farm” but I have a 20 year old mobile home EGADS. We plan many updates soon. Maybe I should do a blog on how to make a mobile home look like farmhouse?

    1. Josephine, one of my good blog friends made her mobile home look like a million bucks and she blogged about it, check out The Shabby Creek Cottage :) Yes, you should blog about yours, too! This was sanded pine plywood that we used. As for the 80’s I grew up with mauve carpet and lots of brass in our home, too!

  8. Beautiful project that can be finished anyway you like to use in so many different areas of the home. Happy Crafting, Kippi #kippiathome

  9. That is beautiful!!! I’ve been looking around for some of those in our area to use in the garden, and in the house for decor! :)

  10. I would love to see a template for a king sized headboard!!!

  11. what do you think about making this into a stained glass window?