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Welcome to my home this holiday season…if you’re visiting from Chelsea’s home tour at Making Home Base, I’m so happy you stopped by. I’m grateful to be part of the tours that Marty from A Stroll Thru Life coordinates each season.  I hope you’ll continue the tour by visiting all the ladies at the bottom of this page. 

I love and black and white, and dramatic contrasts when decorating. Having said that, my decorating is going through a bit of a transformation. Rooms that were once more “vanilla” are getting a coat of paint. I’m loving black and white striped accessories, and might even start adding splashes of red. In the past, my style was leaning towards rustic farmhouse, but my love for industrial style and contrasting colors is starting to take over.  Needless to say, my kids and husband are a bit confused as I am constantly making changes (mostly with paint) every time they turn around.

Come Visit my Holiday Home Tour 2015 | by SnazzyLIttleThings.comAnd because it’s been unseasonably warm this year, the house represents a hybrid between fall and winter. So we are slowly adding holiday elements as the season evolves.

We recently painted our sunroom a much darker shade. I was worried it would be too dark but we absolutely love it. And finally an excuse to use some lighter and prettier lace curtains that were in storage, and I love how they fall against the dark backdrop. I’m adding more textures and surprise elements in my vignettes as we put the room back together.

Holiday Home Tour 2015 Horse Display

Our deck is an extension of our sunroom…so our “outdoor entertaining” is moved back indoors during the winter months.  Here is a result of trying make it all blend in.

Sunroom Winter Wreath, Holiday Home Tour 2015 by

Our sunroom is filled with windows so it casts a warm glow in the house all winter long. The little paper bunting will eventually go in my daughter’s room, which is also going through a transformation as well.

Dining and Sunroom, Holiday Home Tour 2015 by

Topiaries from Amazon | Anna Slipcovers | Glass Barcelona Vase 

During our parties, you’ll see people pull chairs away from the dining room table…only to create a brand new conversation area in the sunroom. Speaking of chairs, I switched out my previous Target chairs for the parsons chairs in the picture. The slipcovers I haven’t even blogged about yet. I actually stenciled and painted them to match my decor. More on that to come….

Have you seen my new Advent calendar? It was repurposed from a laundry drying rack. These cute little stockings are helping my embrace the black and white trend…and I can reuse them every year.


Advent Calendar with Vignette, Holiday Home Tour 2015 by

We took the plunge and painted our interior doors black.  Before they were a builder-grade “white” that was actually starting to yellow and were in much need of a coat of paint anyway. This paint project happened yesterday…but I thought I’d give you a glimpse here.

Newly Painted Black Interior Doors, Holiday Home Tour 2015 by

I recently updated our stairway with new art and I fell instantly in love with Minted. Be sure to visit that blog post where you can win a $250 giveaway from, and you can order your holiday cards there, too.

Gallery Wall Feature, Holiday Home Tour 2015 by

I picked images that reflected all the seasons. Here are few of my favorites…


…and a few sentimental pieces made it into the mix. I’ve always wanted a photo gallery wall and finally have one that is cohesive with the color scheme in the rest of the boy 4 weeks, Holiday Home Tour 2015 by

Our living room is still similar to this arrangement (pictured this fall). You might see that lantern in a few other places…because that’s when life happens. When a decorative item blocks the TV, it’s time to move it. :)

Living Room Wreath with Paper Background, Holiday Home Tour 2015 by

So, since then, a few changes took place…I brought out the kids holiday books. Seems nostalgic now that everyone is absorbed in their technology.

Christmas books in our family room, Holiday Home Tour 2015

That moment when you realized you’ve embraced a woodland theme.

Woodland Vignette, Holiday Home Tour 2015 by

Free vintage tree printable from The Graphics Fairy…and I simply added a verse from one of our favorite Christmas songs.

Antique Books Vignette, Holiday Home Tour 2015 by

I will always love a farmhouse style kitchen no matter what changes happen in the rest of the house. The stenciled backsplash is still the signature design element in our kitchen.

Kitchen Wreaths, Holiday Home Tour 2015 by

As I add more, I’ll update this post so you get the full effect. Right now…we are using what we have, and letting the paint dry before we do much more. Be sure to visit again tomorrow to see our Tuesday line up!

Monday – Dec 7th
Tuesday – Dec 8th
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Fri – Dec 11th

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  1. I love it all, the dark color of the sunroom is perfect and mixed with the lace and whites has created a stunning combination.

    1. Thanks so much, Marty and for hosting us on the holiday tour this year!

    1. Thanks Laura, I’m equally obsessed with that horse image. Love everything from Minted, it was hard to choose!

    1. Thank you Claire! We almost kept it bare this year but there would be too many memories packed away…great being on tour with you!

  2. Gorgeous as always Jeanette! I am obsessed with your Advent calendar!

    1. Thank you Sarah, can’t wait to see your home this year…I’m still adding layers tonight even after my post went live. Can’t. Stop. Decorating.

  3. Your home is beautiful! I love the stenciled backsplash and the advent calendar. I’ve been thinking on painting some of my doors black and here you’re showing me how gorgeous they’ll look. Gotta give them a try!

    1. Cristina, thank you, and I’m wondering now why I waited so long on the black doors. Can’t wait to see your tour this week!

  4. So pretty, Jeanette! Happy Holiays to you and your family.

  5. Oh my goodness – I love it! The new darker paint color is gorgeous and that horse – so perfect! I saw your advent calendar on the Hometalk link party, but didn’t have a chance to comment – so creative and love the stocking design with the stripes and black letters!

    1. Thanks Doreen! I pop in HT now and again and miss spending more time there…I’m so glad you like the paint, we were reluctant but the beige wasn’t working for us anymore. The Advent calendar worked out well, now my daughter enjoys her candy daily. :) Happy Holidays!!!

  6. Deb Rapisardi says:

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for sharing it with us. Enjoy!!!

    1. Thank you Deb!!! xxo

  7. Love your advent stockings, Jeanette! So adorable!

  8. Love your home tour, everything looks so pulled together! I enjoyed your Periscope on the tour and I surely appreciate the “behind the scenes” visions, I am right there with you!! Merry Christmas, Chloe

  9. Jeanette, this is so pretty! I’m with you and my style is evolving. I’m *this close* to painting our powder room black. Had you told me I would do it six months ago, I would have laughed :) Can’t wait to see your additions as the season evolves!

  10. Wow, that darker color in your sunroom really makes everything pop! Love all your holiday decor!